50 States in 12 weeks (ish)


ROAD TRIIIIP! Everyone that has been on a road trip knows what a great experience it is. Sure, there is traffic and people that don’t know how to drive (not us, we’re good) but there are sights, sounds, and sometimes smells that make for a great experience. I decided I needed another such experience and if I was going to do it, I had to go big all 50 states!

Well, I’ll drive to 48 then fly to Alaska and Hawaii, but it counts. I talked it over with a few friends and they were encouraging. I decided the time was now for me to become an entrepreneur. I have always had ideas, and now I have enough experience which can lead to financial gain. I decided I’d quit my job and take a leap.

Part of the leap is going on this trip. I was encouraged to make it meaningful. I decided to grow my network, specifically within 2 of my favorite hobbies, working out and beer. I developed a bottle opener that resembles a bumper weight plate (see opener tab for more details) and figured talking to brewery owners and gym owners would be a wonderful experience.

The goal is to talk with at least 2 gym owners and 2 brewery owners per state. I’ve developed a small set of questions I’ll ask and get the responses. From there, I’ll type up a summary of the experience and upon completion of the trip, send out the aggregated resources to those who contributed. Talk about a win -win!

I feel confident this trip will be a wonderful experience, not only because I’ll make it so, but also because I am extremely fortunate to have friends and family who support me and are willing to help during the trip. Whether it’s offering up a bed, couch, or connection with some place to stay or an owner to speak with, it’s those around me that will help make it a great experience.



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