Soft Start


While the journey to all 50 states started June 14, 2017, I have been telling people it has a “soft start”. It reminds me of a soft opening of an establishment, getting a feel for how things will go without it being full all in mode. The first handful of days is spent in Fresno, CA and the Bay Area visiting good friends. It wouldn’t be right to drive right by them without visiting, and this also enables me to have some more time getting things like the website and social media more set up so it’s less work later and easier for people to follow.

I’m still working on talking with brewery and gym owners as I will be per all states, but I also set time aside for good workouts, good meals, good conversations, and overall good times. Of note is the fun being with a friend and having them share my story if we are out and about. Not only does it make for a fun conversation, but it truly represents this trip, it is a team effort and everyone that is supportive is part of the experience.

Tuesday, June 20th is when I’ll be heading further north, up to Oregon, as usual, I’ll post some things I think are nice, fun, and interesting!

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