Bay Area Fun to Oregon


Even though I’m from SoCal, I must admit I had fun in the Bay Area. I got to see some great friends and enjoy good grub and beer. Despite the 100+ degree heat wave, we still got in 9 holes of golf and disc golf. I brought a 7 iron along for the trip for just such an occasion and was able to get a birdie! (rare for me any round of golf!) As it turns out, I had an epic birdie in disc golf as well, nailing a 40-yard putt.

After some playing, we stopped by Epidemic Ales to have a beer and see about meeting with an owner. Unfortunately, we had poor timing as they were closed; however, we saw Erin as she was leaving and she was kind enough to meet with me the next day. We had a good chance to talk about her experience at Epidemic Ales and the mentality of taking the leap to see what happens has made for a fun journey for them.

95485.jpgI also took in some ping pong, pool, and shuffleboard with reconnecting with a good friend and meeting a new one. Of course, it was fun to play games, but this journey is really about connecting with people. It was great to have a bunch of laughs and thought-provoking conversation.

My last full day in CA involved meeting with Andrew at CrossFit Walnut Creek learning about the dedication of the owners to be involved with the members. He was kind enough to offer his gym for a workout, but regrettably, I had to decline due to time. I had to meet up with my friend and return his house key and see his new office at John F. Kennedy University where I met more nice people. I then went on an exploratory hike with a friend which was nice to take in Northern California. Finished with a great grilled steak and kabobs!

The last day was connecting with Wes at Coast Range CrossFit. It was a cool, spacious facility, but Wes recalled their small roots in the same building and noted for new owners to start small, and stay small as possible until they had to grow.

1/50 Done!

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