Taking in the Towns


While I was back in WA (all so long ago) I met someone that recommended Payette Brewing. They had an indirect connection to the owner and I had asked if they could please send a note that I would be reaching out to them shortly. She said it wouldn’t be a problem. I contacted Payette and through a few back and forth exchanges a meeting was set for the early afternoon of day two.

The day got started with a workout at the gym my friend goes to. It was a larger gym but she still told a staff member about my journey (always appreciated when people share!) and while it was well-received, it didn’t lead to meeting with the owner. I had a nice workout, although I dropped some bumper plates after a power clean once and that led to that same staff member to tell me it is against the policy to do so. I wasn’t surprised as I was aware we were on the second story, but they did have matting and rubber plates so thought perhaps it was ok. Lesson learned. The next set I controlled the weight in its entirety and didn’t break any more rules (at least I hope not).

After the gym, we went to an area called the Village. Nice little shopping center area. The only difference from other like places is this one had a fountain. It wasn’t an ordinary fountain, instead, it was a smaller version of the Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas. The water was moving to the music and even though it was daytime, lights were still going too. It was neat and unexpected. Since I’m on this trip and chronicling things, I had a picture of me taken next to it.

FullSizeRThe meal at home was carnitas and egg burritos. They were smaller tortillas so I had a few of course. After that, I went to Payette and there was a bit of confusion but then I could meet with Mike who so kindly offered me a beer. I noticed a coconut wit, a little unusual but I enjoyed it. Mike was from the Boise area and after school was considering coming back, but wanted a good reason to. Starting the brewery was just the reason he was searching for. It was nice to hear about their willingness to be creative with beers. They had a popular IPA but decided they could try to add another variation. They were both IPAs but differed in flavor.

After that meeting, I needed another gym owner. I popped in a few places, one of which wasn’t the friendliest which is a shame. I’m far from a fan of popping in and trying to make it work, but I thought back to prior experiences I’ve had and watching some experts and kept at it. I met a couple cool guys at another gym who gave me an email of an owner which was, but unfortunately, with my quick timeline it didn’t pan out. I looked up a few more gyms and sent out some messages and shortly after I got a response from Boise CrosFit and could head over immediately. Andy had a great story how he transitioned from a soccer player who ran to someone that lifted, to someone that found and fell in love with CrossFit. Allowing for more fun movements and variety of environments including being outside.

I felt great finishing off the meetings for Idaho but the time was near 5 pm and I had a 7-hour drive to Montana. I debated driving that night or asking for extended kindness for one more night in Idaho. Really, I asked my friend’s perspective and considered it’d be best to do that and head out in the morning. That evening we went to a really neat local coffee shop where I got some work done. I reached out to some places in Montana and worked on my meeting wrap-ups.

20170629_072704.jpgAn early morning start was on the schedule and it was made easier with some food goodies to take my way. On the way up to Montana, I saw a sign for Shoshone Falls and recalled my friend saying I should go. I considered skipping it because I was on somewhat of a timeline to make a meeting, but I recalled another friend telling me to follow the signs (doing so can lead to unexpected adventures). I exited the freeway and after a bit of driving found myself in a gorgeous scene. Waterfalls going, creating a mist in the air, which led to a strong rainbow and another faint one alongside it. There was a river of water going, all with great surroundings. It’s a good thing I was wise enough to listen to my friends.

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