Neat Beauty Then Cold Hail


Driving up to Montana took me through part of Yellowstone. It was beautiful. There were so much green and a running stream along the road. It may be a river, but I’m not sure of the difference. The main point is that there was water and it was quite lovely. I flashed back to many roads in California I’ve driven and it was a different experience. I even stopped alongside the road to take a picture or two, but the stationary shot never looked as cool as moving through.

Getting to Montana I already had a meeting and was stoked for it. The weather was chilly and it started to hail. It was the low 40s temperature which is crazy to think I had been in 100 plus degrees a couple weeks back.

I went to my first meeting at True Spirit CrossFit and Yoga and met with Leslie who was great. She was personable and excited for my journey. She told me stories about the unique items in her gym such as a disco ball and a festivus bar. The disco ball was from a member who is an old DJ and didn’t need it anymore. Now it’s used for fun if the class is really getting after it. The festivus bar was from a CrossFit competition for those not moving on from the open. After a good chat, Leslie was kind enough to treat me to a good coffee stout at a local brewery. She invited me to workout the next day and suggested I attend “music on main”, an event that happens Thursdays in the summer.

20170629_200118-1-e1499324538287.jpgI did some work in the library, which by default is becoming my thing. There isn’t an obligation to buy anything and I’m able to sit and work while charging my computer or phone as needed. I checked out “music on main” for a bit before heading to my buddy’s cousin’s place. I decided I’d hit the workout early in the morning and attend my second gym owner meeting after.



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