Lack of Time, but Meaty Breakfast


Sleeping on the couch was fine. I may have tossed and turned a bit, but such is life on the road. That previous sentence is a mixture of serious, deep tone, and joking around. I am working on adjusting better and think it will continue as time moves on. Regardless, I got up and headed to the gym for a workout which was nice. Leslie and the members were welcoming.

I made the 1.5-hour drive to Columbus, MT, which I found out from Lynn is a mining town. It was a smaller town and I spent some time in the library prior to the meeting. Lynn is the owner of CrossFit Palladium and Stillwater Gym. She gave me instructions upon entering to ignore the small dog who will likely bark at me. I reread the instructions and entered the door with strong confidence ignoring the barking dog. It wasn’t long later the dog was hanging with us relaxing. The gym was cool in that it had a traditional set up in the front and CrossFit in the back. The front section is open 24 hours so people can get their workout in after usual work hours.

That afternoon I needed to get 2 breweries in. I headed to one and was able to get a meeting scheduled for the next day. The second brewery was Bozeman Brewery with Todd. He was kind enough to come out and talk to me while I was there. Before we got into the questions, he offered up a beer and I chose the Plum Street-Porter which I enjoyed and he offered up a taste of their Berliner Weisse as well, which grew on me. During the conversation, Todd offered up that you don’t make money making beer, you make money selling beer. It is important to make beer that can sell. 17 years ago, a porter was needed, currently, that is the case with IPAs.

I was feeling pretty solid accomplishing one meeting and another on the books. I’m still not a fan of walking in and asking, but doing so is part of growth for me and aids in making the meetings actually take place. I went to the library to do some work for a while as my buddy was working until later in the night. Along the way, I had a couple of chats with friends which gave me an excuse to take some breaks and walk outside. One such time, I saw a piece of paper for an open mic night, occurring later that night. The price was right (free), so I went.


I don’t believe I’ve ever been to an open mic night but figured it was free and an interesting experience in a new town. A bonus was some free grapes and cookies! I heard some poetry, which I honestly struggled with. It was tough to follow along with the message or purpose. I was asked if I wanted to participate but said I didn’t have a song or poem. They said story or anything of the like is fine. Well, if I was there, why not?

So, I got up and told a story/shared ideas. I asked how you define success, whether its monetary means, having a family, climbing the corporate ladder, traveling, starting your own business or other. Over time I have reworked how I define success, which is to enjoy the process. I have this as a picture on my phone currently. If you are enjoying the process, then you are being successful. I used this to start my tale of how I ended up at open mic night in Bozeman. I told them about some fun and fewer fun times but ended with the fact that I am enjoying the process, and therefore I am successful.

The next day I had my meeting, but it wasn’t how I wanted. The owner was busy trying to prep to reopen his kitchen and only had 5 minutes. I told him thank you and good luck. Luckily my friend Trea had said he’d treat me to some breakfast at a restaurant before I headed out. I went there and scarfed down a meaty breakfast. I decided I’d try my luck in Billings. I headed out and went to the first brewery that popped up upon searching google maps.

The brewery (Canyon Creek Brewing) was closed, but the roller door was open classic rock blasting. I debated for a minute if I should come back. No, now was the time for action. Plus, I would talk to people that came to my roller door at a previous job. I walked in and Ron was working away prepping beer. We chatted over the music and he was willing to answer some questions as he worked. Whenever you see someone working that hard on a hot day, it makes you appreciate the beer that much more. I was grateful for the opportunity and excited to head to North Dakota.

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