Big Arm Monday

20170704_100508My second full day in ND started with hitting the gym with my buddy. He was always quite stronger than me but I could hold my own for the most part. My fitness is in constant catch up mode with the trip and I knew to check my ego at the door, but to appreciate the workout was bound to be good.

As it turns out, it was arm day for my friend and I decided to join in. Back in high school, we had to do bench press, incline bench press, squats, and power cleans. We could do other lifts after school or sometimes we’d spend the whole hour lifting and had time to get more in. During that program, on Fridays, we had “Big Arm Friday”. After school, we would come in and work biceps and triceps. Many different exercises, just working to get as strong and big of arms that we could. We would flex for a coach who would use a tape measure and those with the biggest arms got their names on the board. My buddy and I were both on that, and all other boards.

This Monday, we started to get after it. Besides being weak and needing to lighten the weight and/or decrease the reps at times, it was solid. My arms felt great. It was as if they remembered times from the past where they were strong. Since I’m writing this a few days after, I can assure you it was a good workout as my arms are still sore!

After getting cleaned up, I headed into town for a meeting. Unfortunately, it had to be rescheduled as something else was more pressing. I try to be as understanding and accommodating as possible due to the small business needs. I then went around town popping in places and got a meeting for the afternoon of the 4th and two the following day.

My friend’s wife said I should go with them to the small town of Linton to see the 4th of July parade. I was all game if it was ok with all involved. We planned to do that the next morning. That night we relaxed, ate massive steaks that were grilled nicely and then visited another establishment in town. As you may have noticed, my friends were extremely generous and hospitable towards me.

The next day we went to Linton, a small town of about 700 I believe. There was a fun parade which included a variety of cars, a tracker, ATV, tandem bike, fire trucks and more. They threw candy for the kids. In case you missed anything, they actually come back down the same street, for another view as they work their way towards the starting point. I feel part of the town now making that reference. We ate some hot dogs and such before heading out.

That afternoon I met with Ted at Buffalo Commons Brewing who despite the heat of the day was still willing to chat. He discussed that he only was distributing but people wanted growler fills. They then had growler fills but people wanted a pint as well. He didn’t have the proper sink set up and costs were high. People said they didn’t care if it was out of a plastic cup, and in fact, that has become part of the experience there. I got a growler for my buddy and me prior to heading back.

We had a relaxing night which was nice. I coordinated going to the gym with my buddy the next morning. In the gym, we each did our own thing as I didn’t want to throw off his timing before work. Meanwhile, I could take my time and get extra, more than needed cardio prior to my mid-morning meeting.

I meet with Bryan at CrossFit Bismarck, who fell in love with CrossFit and wants more people to get involved. In almost 10 years he had learned a lot but still has a learning approach, knowing he can continue to improve.

I finished off my final meeting with Mike of Laughing Sun Brewery. Laughing Sun has a cool set up with rotating local art on the walls and live music 3-4 times a week. He knew he wanted music as it would be a great venue for patrons, but also give those looking for a chance and avenue to spread their music. He also has worked with the legislative process as various licenses simply did not exist and work was needed to be done so that the brewery could operate effectively and appropriately.

After I finished my meeting I had a message from my buddy checking to see how the meetings went. A small, but kind gesture as he knew of some of the minor difficulties I experienced earlier. I told him they were good and once more how much I appreciated their gracious hospitality.

I then decided to head down to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota! I had to see it and figured I could figure out other logistics such as where to stay in a bit. I’d have a break or two along the 6-hour drive ahead.

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