South Dakota Shirt State


I woke up ready for my morning scheduled meeting. I donned my new shirt and headed into town. Walking into the space of Remedy Brewing, it had an atmosphere of work and potential. I’m not sure if that counts as descriptive terms, but you could tell things were coming along and it would be nice when they finished. I met with Matt who with 2 other friends had spent nearly 4 years working to find the right investors and location for their production and tap room facility. They realized when preparing the place that there are the right way and the easy way to fix issues. They have chosen the right way which they believe will be beneficial down the road. In a few weeks, they should be operational. Before departing, Matt gave me a sticker to add to my notebook as well.

I only needed one more gym for the state of South Dakota. I had someone mention CrossFit Sioux Falls to me and it seemed like a good fit. Before I headed over, I got some gas and scrubbed off the remains of bugs from the night before. It sounded like rain on my windshield, but it was just bountiful bugs meeting their doom.

Driving over to CrossFit Sioux Falls I saw some people doing lunges. I didn’t want to interrupt their class. I noticed online that it was their open gym time. I decided I’d do what I don’t care for, yet tends to work out ok, and pop in. I walked in and saw the large facility. I was a little lost looking and a member asked if he could help. I asked where I could find an owner or coach. He walked me to the front and I told them my story. Liza said she could meet at that time. It was fun to hear how a passion for fitness and wanting a gym has become reality and more as she has a much stronger vision and purpose of the gym. It is now a community where families come to work out and be part of the community.  Prior to leaving, Liza offered up a shirt!

20170707_142301Upon completion of my last meeting, I headed to the library to get some work done. After a while, I decided I was hungry and thought Costco would be a good spot to stretch the legs, get some free samples, and stock up on peanut butter and trail mix. The samples provided some nourishment and I told myself I was content. I then noticed this Costco had bratwurst and a soda for $1.50. I haven’t seen bratwurst available at a Costco food court before and my curiosity made me give in. I enjoyed the brat before heading back to the library. A buddy of mine called me up to see how the trip was going. It was good having a chance to share some stories. He was encouraging and gave me some good advice towards my videos, which are a constant work in progress.

I needed a haircut and decided to find a barber. I drove around and found one that was still open. This barber had been in his shop for 54 years. Quite a wealth of experience. Afterwards, with my fresh haircut, my friend invited me to hang with some of her friends. We hit downtown Sioux Falls, aka the Midwest’s best-kept secret, at least that’s what I’ve been told. It was a lovely night. We checked out a festival of sorts, walked by a river, went to a restaurant, and finished the night off by checking out the Sioux Falls which were cool. The waterfalls were on the smaller scale, but still cool to get up and close with them. The next morning would mean some uncertainty going into Nebraska without a solid plan.

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