Omaha Omaha Omaha!

20170708_115000I had to channel Peyton Manning as I’ve thought about that a few times while chuckling to myself in the car. While in Nebraska, I spent most of my time in Omaha. I came across the birth site of Gerald Ford which was neat.

Arriving into Nebraska I popped into FitFarm where I met Andrew. He was wrapping up some personal training but said we could meet in an hour or so at a local pub. I went ahead and took video of the space which was open but had racks and other equipment as well. I met up with Andrew and heard how they focus on Personal Training and CrossFit. Identifying what they did well, and focusing on that was key. Towards the end of our chat, Andrew said he wanted to know more about some experiences I had and I introduced Sport Psychology to him. He said we would definitely need to talk more down the road and I look forward to maintaining the connection.

I had emailed some gyms and one got back to me for the following afternoon. I then turned my attention to breweries and popped in with minimal luck at two as I was told the owners were busy often but I could leave information. I did so but it didn’t pan out, unfortunately. Meanwhile, I thought (and rightfully so) it’d be good to keep looking. I found a brewery, Vis Major, that after 3 years is nearly ready to open. They have a building that’s over 100 years old and are excited to be part of the community, creating a welcoming atmosphere in the tap room where people can meet with old or new friends.

My Fitbit told me I was low on steps so I found a mall to walk in. Walking in a mall or large building such as Costco works well because it’s much cooler than outside and I don’t have to put on sunscreen. As I walked on, my hopes of a place to crash were dwindling. My friend had a few potential contacts but nothing was panning out. I accepted that car sleeping would work fine.

While walking and afterward I started to feel drained. I don’t like that feeling. I was thinking about it and trying to reflect why I felt drained/tired/blah. I think it is a combination of putting myself out there to talk with people, a variety of sleeping arrangements including surfaces and temperatures, and the cognitive energy for thinking about all the little things, making sure I have it covered.

I thought of a friend who has said it’s ok to acknowledge things aren’t great in that moment. That’s what I did. I know it could be worse, and other people are tougher than I, but just taking that moment to acknowledge it’s ok to feel this way was good. I have a better understanding of the value I put towards routines, how I use them to accomplish daily tasks without taking effort or energy. I also appreciate relaxing at home at the end of a day. It was good to understand this but to make effort in not thinking about how nice it would be, rather, how to embrace my current situation.

I realized that overall I was tired, and that would likely lead to good sleep and the next day would bring opportunities for good things to happen. Of the many thoughts I had, some regarded whether to share this experience or not. I figure it is part of my experience on the journey and regardless if others want to judge, it is helpful to reflect and I never know what tertiary effects it could have to help others.

The next day I sought out to find a brewery prior to my 130-gym meeting. I had a possible lead, but no email confirmation on time. I headed over anyways and was able to meet with John, one of the owners of Scriptown Brewery. He was waiting on a call from a service technician, which worked out well from my perspective. I learned how he had home brewed for nearly 30 years and 20 years prior he had considered opening a brewery, but the timing wasn’t right. Now they have a location in an old building in a district that the landlord has done well filling with local, small businesses. There were some slow times at the beginning, but now they have picked up nicely.

Upon completion, I went to CrossFit Papio and met with Johnathan who was getting after a workout, finishing as I arrived. It was notable the esteem with which he spoke of the other CrossFit boxes in Omaha. In his view, they all do very well and as such it creates a culture of excellence where everyone keeps trying to improve. This adds value to the community and CrossFit as well.

I felt good that I finished my meeting, but was unsure of what to do next. I had noticed a Costco was nearby and was curious if they had bratwurst in their food court, just as South Dakota did. I went in, snagged some free samples and made my way over to the food court and got a brat.

A decision needed to be made. Prior to leaving for the trip, I had made a little over 30 bottle openers, hoping they could help fund my trip. It would cover some gas, some more bread, and peanut butter. The powder coating place took longer than I anticipated. The parts were recently done and my brother could ship them, which we anticipated Minnesota being a good location. Well, I was slightly ahead of schedule for that. I called up my parents who are generally curious about the trip and we chatted about a few ideas until a decision was made. I would head down to Kansas, and then up to Minnesota. Depending on timing, I may even hit Iowa prior to Minnesota.

I started to go down to Kansas, which took me on state highways next to corn fields and there were also some corn fields. Really there was more, but the corn stands out. Meanwhile, I put some work on connections with a buddy from Kansas and another buddy I used to work with, who had a Kansas connection. It took a few hours but I within a few minutes of arriving in the Little Apple, I had locked in sleeping for that night and the next day.

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