What is this? Old times?

WI 1

Driving into Milwaukee for the baseball game I had about 2.5 hours. I didn’t have a strict plan and figured I could get to the stadium early, and see about getting out of my comfort zone in approaching some tailgaters to make friends. I thought the fact of the journey could be a fun talking point and the common interest in the game would help.

I was following GPS per usual and then my phone went black. It had been charging so low battery didn’t seem right. It didn’t turn back on. This was bad. My tickets were electronic, and my way to the game was on the phone too. I had thought I could follow the signs to the stadium once I got close enough, but without access to my ticket that was useless. I saw an exit before Milwaukee and figured I could try my luck around town to find a Verizon.

It was a little annoying. Being a new town for the first time and not having a map or any way of knowing where I was. I thought about the old times, way back in the past, prior to cell phones. Those poor people, even without map quest! I gave myself a hard time for not having a map but then figured I would need many maps for this trip and that wasn’t a reasonable cost these days.

I drove around town until I got around to the commercial area and even saw three other cell phone service locations, but not mine! Well, I figured I could ask someone in town but didn’t know who would know off their head and who was good to ask. This is a classic example of over thinking and not being a fan of strolling up to someone with such a request. Quite nonsense, but at least I can admit it I suppose.

As it was, I realized that while only my phone had internet, I could hit up a Starbucks or another establishment with WiFi and use my computer to look up a Verizon. I did just that and saw I happened to be only a block away! Close, but now I knew for certain. I went in and a family took about 30 minutes finishing up before I could be helped. My phone was dead and so too were many contacts. What a shame, especially with some contacts from the trip. Oh well, there are always ways to figure things out. I got a new phone which took a while then headed to the game.

I always enjoy going to new sporting event stadiums. There is a difference in structure but also environmental differences too. I enjoyed relaxing, taking the time to watch the game even with all the other things on my mind. Miller Park was cool, I think it is the first time I’ve been to a stadium with a retractable roof. I think it is the only baseball stadium I’ve been to with any sort of roof. It wasn’t too packed, but it was enjoyable.

After the game, I debated my plan for the night. My car is eligible for the Volkswagen buyback program, meaning I can get money for it due to the diesel emission scandal, but I certainly didn’t want it to break down on me. I weighed the options of driving further away for car sleeping, then making the early drive into the city as well or getting a cheap hotel. I decided it was time to give in to the cheap hotel, knowing I could get a workout in, shower and good breakfast in the morning. The next day I’d take my car in and see what options were available.

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