Are You Traveling Alone?

MO blog 1

Wrapping up Illinois meant it was time for Missouri. Luckily my friend I stayed with in Illinois was about 20 minutes from St. Louis. This meant I had another night in a good spot to sleep while trying to get my meetings for Missouri in.

Before I get into some of those details, I’d like to shine a little light on other things going on. Sometimes people ask if I’m traveling alone. Nearly every time there is a sympathetic tone to the question. I answer that yes, but not really. I’m very fortunate to have an amazing support system around me and using technology, I’m able to remain in touch. Furthermore, I don’t mind having time to myself to think. There tends to be a little taken back reaction, but with agreement that it isn’t a bad situation, I’m in.

The beauty about the answer is the truth of it. I’m able to call my parents as I navigate the trip. It is a nice time to reflect as I share some stories of how things are going. They are a good audience as they hear the stories, offer encouragement, and have the parental qualities of reminding me to take care of important issues while offering to help as able. My brother is who I call whenever things aren’t going well. Well sometimes it’s during something fun, but honestly, that is rarer. Regardless, he is always willing to help and even as we discuss various avenues of solutions we have fun with jokes and laughter.

My friends following through any social media outlet and the blog help make the journey more exciting. It is fun for me to experience things, but I do like to do things that have a greater reach beyond my interests. When someone replies with excitement regarding a part of my journey, it makes me feel like it is more impactful. I’m also not the biggest fan of asking for help. I love to help others however I can, but by not asking, I deny others that same opportunity. This journey has been a lot of asking, which I still feel a little bad about, but at least I try to spread it among my friends and am always grateful.

The last piece of support comes from the new people I meet daily. It is fun hearing how certain people claim a state, or section of the country as having nice people. During and after the election there was a lot of frustration with people. A downside of social media is how it can drive people apart due to passive interactions and unsolicited information. Meeting people and finding some commonality is a joy. Everyone is different, but we have great stories. We often become focused on the daily tasks we need to accomplish and as such lose track of the life experience we are partaking in. Sure, there can be “bad people” and they certainly exist, but by making an effort to do what is within our control to seek out similar people, it enhances our life. As I previously mentioned, I don’t mind time to think and reflect and thought it’d be nice to share some of that.

During the day, I worked to set up some meetings but was having a poor response rate to emails. There are numerous reasons I’m sure, busy, my lack of time availability, not the favorite thing for gym or brewery owners to deal with. Meanwhile, I’m still working on taking care of my old car, trying to set up the Volkswagen buyback. They had told me I needed to prove it was registered during 2015, which of course it was. They also needed proof of purchase.

This is a little annoying as I needed to provide more information than initially asked for on the website. It makes it a bit more difficult when I’m moving around city to city and lacking a home base of sorts with good office equipment like a printer and scanner. I ended up getting the information they needed through some solid coordinating and resourcefulness at the library. They then followed up saying they needed additional dates of registration and for that, the state of California said it would take 4 weeks. Hoops and hurdles again and again with this program. I’m not a fan on dwelling or laboring the frustration, so the topic will move on, but there is now some awareness of what is taking place.

Some of the timeline blurred from Illinois blog to this one. It could be clarified, but as it stands is a more accurate representation of how my mental state is during the trip. Needing to check and remind myself what day it is, and what happened when as things blur. I did finish up my last Illinois meeting prior to other events of the day.

My buddy said he’d grill at 630 and I tried to emphasize nothing was needed on my account but he kindly brushed that off and made sure I was welcomed. I had time for a quick jump rope workout in the library parking lot before heading out. Something I want to share with everyone is that sometimes life can make a workout schedule difficult. It is about finding the available option and doing that. I’m far from my best physical shape but am doing what I can, when I can. This may mean getting my butt kicked in a class, thriving in a class, going on a run, doing push-ups or squats in a room, or burpees on a side walk. Something to get some movement in.

I headed back and dinner was some lovely grilled chicken, asparagus (which despite my usual hatred for, I was grateful to eat a couple) and zucchini cut in a spaghetti like fashion. Us and his roommate ate the food with some wine and had a relaxing night watching Star Wars before bed. I could have done more work, but having that relaxing time, like a normal life was nice.


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