Thanks, New Friend


The first morning in Indiana started off right with a good workout, shower, and breakfast before starting the day. It was going to be solid. I started off by meeting with Constant Quest CrossFit and heard how the gym resulted after many years of building out his own garage gym. This made for a smooth transition and lower than normal operating costs than a company may normally experience.

From there I had my meeting with CrossFit West Lafayette. It was good to connect with the coach I had chatted with and then I got to meet with Bear who felt that owning the gym was part of a greater plan for him to help and care for people. It is his purpose to do so, and the gym provides one such avenue to help increase the overall quality of life for others. As a bonus, Bear is a musician as well and gave me a signed CD for some road tunes.

My coach friend was about to go to an entrepreneurship meeting at the University of Purdue who has a foundry program helping those with ideas. I was encouraged to tag along. I decided this could be a cool experience and proceeded to observe and offer up ideas as warranted, trying to stay within my lane. It was a good session, hearing about the process from ideation towards prototyping. My friend gave me a quick tour of campus which was neat to see. Then he had a message from Bear that we could grab lunch on him which was a delightful surprise and nice gesture. We went to a local Midwest chain and I got a pulled pork sandwich that also had mac and cheese on it. Salty, but overall pretty dang good.

During lunch, we chatted and I’m a few years older than my friend. I could see some similarities in his energy and excitement regarding ideas he has. I’ve been that guy and still have it within me. I talked with him regarding the process and how the importance is being able to be thorough in certain aspects, then moving forward. For instance, considering different variables for the product, and different means of manufacturing to identify the most appropriate. Often the first idea isn’t the most cost effective, or best way. Having this process helps to refine the idea into a feasible product. Another key is to research around to gain an idea of other types of companies and see how they operate. Take away commonalities and differences and use a filter to decide which is the most applicable.

My friend said it was good information and a lot of help which felt nice. He said his brain was thinking a lot and I certainly know that feeling from talking with some mentors in the past. As we wrapped up it was my goal to pop in at breweries since I hadn’t gotten any responses yet. Keeping in line with a theme of the trip was that it was much later than it seemed to be. I decided to try my luck and struck out at 2 different places.

I then was working with my brother on some ideas to get Volkswagen the proof of registration they needed. I worked on this with another company, hoping to get faster results than the DMV. Meanwhile, my new car needed registration which required further effort. I had been sitting a lot in meetings and then the library with this and decided it’d be best to walk around a bit and found some nice corn fields next to a path by the library.

As the night was approaching I needed a place to stay. I had a friend I’d be in touch with but failed to communicate as well as I could’ve and then it just took a while to hear anything. I debated car sleeping or air bnb and then I thought I spent about 4-5 hours with my new coach friend and had been in touch through my journey. I didn’t want to ask him but thought it foolish not to. I asked him and he said he’d have to chat with his roommate.

His roommate was a little uneasy about it. I get it. I don’t blame him at all for being so with a stranger. I told my friend I could meet the roommate first, and certainly, no pressure and I absolutely do not want to cause any level of discomfort. My friend asked when I would leave and I said I’d arrive and depart at whatever times he said, nothing was too late or early. He said ok and I was able to have a place for the night.

I departed at 530am with my buddy and then I headed down to Indy. I thought I’d press my luck there. I did some work with my comped Starbucks as it was too early for a library. I then went by Daredevil Brewing and got lucky the owner was in. He needed about 30 minutes prior to chatting and I said it was absolutely good with me and I was happy he could make the time. I walked around a bit and popped my head in a factory and to check out an Indy car. After a chat with my parents, I went back to Daredevil where I had a nice clean Kolsch. They focus on production with technical brewing with traditional methods. He recommended I visit Deviate which would be a different experience.

I had some time to kill prior to Deviate opening so I went to Costco for some walking, and samples. A rather usual routine for me these days. I then tried to go to a library. I say tried because I followed GPS like a good human does but failed to arrive at a library. Instead, it was a Kiwanis headquarters. My curiosity grabbed a hold and I popped in to inquire and apparently there is a donation bin for books that pings google maps.

Deviate opened at 4 pm and it was 325pm. If I drove to a library and back that would make it 4 pm without any time at the library. I decided to grab a beer at a spot. I thought, maybe I’d be able to chat up the bartender and some patrons, spread word of the journey. That would be good. Some grassroots marketing. Well, the place was empty. I wondered if it was open and it was. I figured the bartender would chat. Nope. Just served a beer and then was cleaning stuff and elsewhere most of the time. I’m not the chattiest guy but with this journey, it is a good talking point and it helps spread the word. It was annoying.

I showed up to Deviate about 2 minutes after 4 and there were already 5 people there. Mike asked what I was doing, and I told him I was referred there by Daredevil. He said ok, he’d answer the questions but still had to help customers and it was getting busy. I was grateful for his willingness to do so. They are proud of their beer, taking effort and joy in the creative and adventurous process of beer. I sampled a maple stout, and two IPAs, all of which were good. Along the way, while Mike was serving a big line, a patron chatted with me and within a few minutes, we had a good range of topics which was nice. He then told me to come to a beer festival the next day but I had to move on to Kentucky. I sure appreciate that kindness though and if I had another place to stay in Indiana I may have taken him up on it.

It was now 630pm, later than it should’ve been. Ahead I had a few hours with Roady, listening to tunes and making my way to Lexington where I had a place to crash.

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