KY 1

Heading into Lexington I was happy to have a place to stay. In Kentucky, I had two options. I had another friend say I could reach out to them, but I had some reluctance due to them having a kid that just turned one. I don’t mind kids whatsoever, more so I know it can be challenging at times with younger kids and I don’t want to add anything to that. The decision was then to head to Lexington to stay with a friend I met while living in Hawaii. They had done a decent amount of traveling themselves and were happy to help out a fellow traveler.

Even though it was Friday night, we each had early mornings so we decided to hit the town the following night. My friend was nice enough to share a local beer during some chats.


The next morning, I headed out to Louisville to meet with Nicole at Break the Mold CrossFit. Meddy, the owner of CrossFit Akeso had put out that I was looking to meet with owners and Nicole volunteered kindly. I met with her and learned how they have some local kids that have been with them since day one, experiencing growth physically and with confidence. Upon finishing up, Nicole asked if I wanted to workout. They had a shower so I was in. The workout was a partner workout and included movements I was proficient at. It went well as our team did well and I got some work in without it destroying me. My previous workouts had paid some dividends. I remembered to ask for a pic with the friendly class and they obliged. The associated pic here is from me working to set up the camera. The blurred photo and odd expression show my lack of competence in this area. It happens.

I then headed over to Old Louisville Brewery and met with Wade who has been an entrepreneur since he was young. He was in the middle of cleaning some kegs and other tasks but took the time to answer the questions while working. There is a joy of working for yourself he said and was excited to do so again full time after having a normal job for a few years. Prior to departure, he gave me a can of imperial stout that I had later in the evening!

My next meeting was with Scott at Mile Wide Beer. I was a little concerned as he said he had a few minutes, and it takes more than a few minutes to answer the 14 questions. The fastest has been about 18 minutes and the longest was about 3.25 hours I think. It just depends on the time available and how in depth the owners like to go. Time wasn’t an issue as Scott was able to meet long enough to answer all questions without any rush. Upon starting, he offered me up a beer. I took advantage of the stout offering. I heard how a group of guys came together with different backgrounds to provide a good team for a good business and the ability to overcome obstacles as they arise.

It was a productive day, getting 3 of the 4 meetings in. I hadn’t heard back from another gym where I had a potential contact. I headed back to Lexington. My friend said some friends would be heading out at 7:30 pm and we’d meet up. I had a little over an hour prior to that so I did some work on blogs while enjoying the canned stout.

We then headed out to distillery district to check out the Saturday night life. It was fun as there was quite a bit going on, with some good spots. It also helped the weather was wonderful, the humidity had eased up and a nice breeze made it nice to be outside. Being that I was in Kentucky and my new friends were going to get some bourbon, I decided that was the right call for me. I had spent some time in Kentucky before during a prior job and from tours heard it was the limestone that made for good bourbon. It was fun to chat and get to know some new people and I appreciated their interest and encouragement in the journey as well.

Earlier on in the night, my other friend that I mentioned earlier sent me a text and Facebook message saying they saw I was in town and to hit them up. It was awesome for them to reach out to me and we concluded that the next day I could sleep at their place.

As I’ve done while younger and often regretted, I talked about the possibilities of working out the next day. My friend is a Strength and Conditioning Coach at UK and there is a workout called Till the Battle is Won that is brutal. I said I wanted, no, I NEEDED that workout! (reference is eurotraining from the show My Wife and Kids here) It would be good to have a good workout since I was unsure of the next.

A few times during the night there was mention of the workout and how hard it would be. I laughed. A little from humor and a little from nerves. It was a good night meeting some new people and having good chats. Luckily, we didn’t stay out too late or have too much to drink.

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