Happy ZZZ

KY 2

Picking up immediately from where I left off on the previous blog…The next day I went in for Till the Battle is Won, which was:

Carry 45lb plate 220 yards
bear crawl 10 yards forward, 10 yards backward
10 sit-ups
run 220 yards
10 plate ground to overhead
10 each side Russian twists
5 rounds. Then 100 yards of suicides at 10-yard mark for good measure.

I was tired! Evidence was posted to social media @liftnbrews. I then got some more energy for some power cleans, and some ring dips for good measure. After the workout and a shower, I tried to pop in a local gym but the owner wasn’t around. I tried to email with a 2-hour window but to no avail.

I headed to Louisville and met my friends and their kid. We had last and only hung out in Hawaii during a work trip for my friend. We met at a tapas place and it was incredible. The short ribs were amazing. It was Mojitos Tapas for those in Louisville or going. My friends then got me Dairy Queen as well! Not only was it generous of them to feed my belly, but it was great having some solid chats and laughs. They offered up laundry facilities and the timing was on point. I threw it in while we chatted.

My plan for the morning was to hit up a gym before up to Ohio. As I was going to sleep in a nice bed, I was happy. Quite a joy the whole evening had been and I’m grateful for good friends. I’m not sure when or where we will hang again but it will be a good time I’m sure. It was a great illustration of the big benefits of this journey, having opportunities to build relationships with people.

The next morning, I got cleaned up as it is safer to shower when available than not to. I cruised to a gym that seemed to have some open time. I met with Charlie at CrossFit Regeneration who asked about my timeline and when I told him I was leaving the state upon completion of my last meeting he made time to talk at that moment. I heard how in the past CrossFit boxes could be built and people would come. Now there is a greater need for empathy and care, which is what makes his coaching special. As we finished up, he asked if I wanted to workout. They had a shower. Everyone should know the answer is yes at this point.

A small issue was my increasingly growing soreness from the prior to two days. Overall it was a good workout. It involved some snatch and overhead squat work, followed by rowing and box jumps. The snatch and overhead squat, in particular, are movements I struggle with. My body is tight and needs greater mobility and practice in those movements. While it was frustrating in the moment, I know it’s good overall.

The time was now for a drive up to Ohio. I’m not sure if it was this drive or another, but the time to talk about it is now. I have a buddy on the road trip. It is a Lego football player that my friends in the bay area gave me when I was starting the trip. I very creatively named him Roady. Well at first Roady would slide across the dash on hot turns (blame the GPS). Now he is duct taped down and good to go. Occasionally as we drive, I get tired or antsy and so forth. Perhaps a little crazy too because I’ll yell, “ROADY! WHAT’S UP!” he’s always doing good. Doing that and even writing about it is amusing to me. Something about those long periods on the road I suppose, but really, it’s a nice cue to think of my friends (so Roady tells me 😉).


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