Oh Hi Bye

OH 1

After feeling relaxed from the good workout, it was time to head to Ohio. I didn’t have a real solid plan for Ohio because I was planning on returning later. There is an owner I’d like to make effort to meet, and knowing at some point I need to return to Wisconsin due to the VW buy back, Ohio is currently a semi-pass through state.

I came across a cool brewery that had two locations, sand volleyball courts, kayak rentals, and a bike shop. I tried my luck to see if the owner was around but that was not the case. I drove some more and came across John at CrossFit Mantra who could make some time within his schedule to talk with me.

There was yet more paperwork to do for my car. Between that, and some blog work the day flew far too fast. I wasn’t sure where I was going to sleep for the day. I had a buddy that lives in Cleveland but he was going out of town when I was getting there. Poor timing, but maybe I’ll be able to connect with him when I return.

An idea struck me! While in Chicago hanging with my friend, I met some other friends of his. One of which was going to be moving to Ohio soon and I had already asked if I could crash because he seemed like a nice guy. He was up for it then and I thought now was the time to check in. I sent him a text and found out that he had just gotten in the night before. I felt bad knowing the hassle moving can be. I offered that there was certainly no pressure as he may want to get settled. He said it didn’t matter at all and I was welcome.

I arrive at his house. Well, first his neighbors’. It was dark and even though he told me to pull behind the Prius, I couldn’t see the house number and GPS said I was good. I pull in and am thinking, “Is there a crossover type or SUV Prius now? I didn’t know that, but I’m not sure of the most up to date on all makes and models either.” It wasn’t a Prius. Definitely, an Acura as I got closer, then I quickly backed up and a glance a house over saw the obvious Prius. I’d like to offer up an excuse towards the GPS or being tired, but either way, I goofed. It was harmless though.

My new friend not only provided a place to stay but offered up beer and dinner as well! I was almost taken aback by his kindness. We watched some baseball while chatting and it was a good ol time. Another example of the good in the world and in the trip, I’ve experienced. He told me there was yogurt with fruit and nuts for breakfast. I told him thank you very much but dinner was already more than enough. He wouldn’t have it. He insisted that I eat something in the morning since I had an earlier start to the day than he did. The next morning, I followed through and gratefully had that breakfast. Later in the day, I called my parents to share the story of kindness and how happy I was to experience it. They felt my joy as well.

There were two notable places to take in, the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. I figured this would be by far my best chance at seeing both. I’m a big sports fan including football so I knew there would be some cool stuff there. Rock n Roll was part of my upbringing. My parents would play rock as we drove to and from school and other places as well.

I drove over to Canton, parked in a lot and found my way to a shuttle. The shuttle stop could’ve been marked better, but there were some friendly security guards that pointed me in the right direction. There is a bit of a delay with the blog, but the timing of my visit was a couple days before the enshrinement ceremony and the first preseason game of the year. That added a bit of a buzz around and there were banners commemorating the new class. This was neat as I had watched those players, including LaDainian Tomlinson. My dad and I watched him in the senior bowl and thought it’d be amazing if the Chargers drafted him. Through some trades, they were in a position to get him and Drew Brees. Both of which have been fun too during their careers.

The Hall of Fame was more expensive than I thought and it was ridiculous to be charged 10 dollars for parking. Just gave that feeling of squeezing money out of people. Seems like the Hall should be a place to appreciate the game. Making money from admission and retail is fine but just seemed admission could’ve been less and same for parking. Perhaps part of this rant is that this experience hurt my weekly budget for traveling cheap! A plus was saving a couple bucks by buying the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame ticket at the same time.

The football Hall was cool, some cards, the evolution of the game through the years, various facts and memorabilia. There was a video that was cheesy, talking about hard work and that football players can do more than football and we all can do well in the game of life. There were some good messages in it, mainly towards kids, but still, some resonate today.

I made the drive to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. I’d have limited time because I had a few hours of driving ahead towards Michigan. I was lucky for Michigan, a buddy of mine from grad school days happened to be in Michigan for work. I’ll get into those details in another blog though!

Rock n Roll Hall of Fame was cooler of the two I thought. I would classify myself as a bigger sport than a music fan, but this Hall was better. It was a massive building, with various floors. The exhibits and stories were good. It was interesting to see the dislike towards the music being put out through Television and print. What stood out to me was the repressive nature people took towards the music, and how powerful music is for people to have a voice.

It was time to say bye to Ohio until returning later.



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