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I decided to head to Vermont from Michigan. I had been planning to meet up with a friend in New York, then heading to Canada for a couple days. This was supposed to happen in about 6 days or so. This meant there was a time gap until New York and I figured I could try to get Vermont, New Hampshire, and if I was lucky, Maine all done beforehand.

I did my best to set up some meetings via email as I do. I also lacked contacts in all three states prior to realizing my friends in Manhattan, Kansas I stayed with had mentioned they had some family and friends in Maine. I had to leverage some contacts to see what I could do.

Going into Vermont I had little luck on responses from breweries to emails. This happens as small businesses are busy, usually dealing with issues of the day and large amounts of emails as well. I did have 2 gyms scheduled so that was nice. One gym was scheduled as I was starting my drive over to Vermont. As it turned out, they had availability 16 hours from the moment it was confirmed. I had 12 hours of driving ahead.

It was already mid to late afternoon and I started my drive. The goal was to drive at least 6 hours in the night, potentially a little longer if I wasn’t too sleepy. Then sleep a bit and finish it off. I was also weary that I would need gas and bathroom breaks, not to mention a trip of that length adds to uncertainty and I wouldn’t want to be late and miss my opportunity.

I drove and listened to some blinkist app, music, I think I tried to make a phone call too. I drove for about 7 hours that night before sleeping only for a few hours in the car and starting the drive again in the morning. That morning drive was a little rough especially since most of my connections in the west were in the middle of their sleep. Through it all, I made the 10 am appointment with 10 minutes to spare at Shelburne Field House and heard that keeping the place clean and being kind to members has been key over the years.

Upon completing this meeting, I still needed to do some buyback paperwork. Navigating that I tried my luck at some breweries but had nothing. Finally, I went to Queen City Brewery and heard about the approach of looking to great beers as inspiration for their beers.  I tried some more breweries but had no luck. It was like Michigan, except the numbers kept climbing beyond those struggles.

Hopes were decreasing as the night grew near. I also had my second gym, CrossFit Rising Star for 7 pm. I heard how a desire to have a nearby gym made that location possible and a commitment to members and learning keep it a process. They offered up I could workout in the morning and had a shower. This was much needed as I clear by how the workout went for me.

I don’t normally do hotels, let alone on a Friday night, but it was already after 9 pm and the nearest rest stop was about an hour away. I was tired from the previous lack of sleep. I decided to crash at a hotel to try and be fresh for the next day’s workout.

The morning started well, I even had time to cut my hair which was nice. Then came the workout. Warming up, we played a tic tac toe game and I made a blunder error out of the gate and lost the game. I felt bad for my teammates and angry for my mistake that lead to losing. I hate losing. It was such a dumb mistake, I thought the ball was in a different spot. There have been some small mistakes like this more than usual. I’m certain it’s due to sleep, or lack of quality sleep.

I used to experience this before but didn’t fully realize it. Now after learning more about sleep and talking with thousands of people about it, I’m far keener as to the effects lack of sleep has and can experience it. I’m working on getting better sleep but it’s work in progress as the variables for good sleep keep eluding me.

The workout itself worked me over pretty good. It was like my energy just drained far faster than normal. Luckily, after the strength work was a partner workout and I had a good partner with drive. We kept after it and while it was far from my best performance, I was proud that I kept moving and had steady progress. Some days that is all we can do. Just keep pushing and grinding, to do whatever we can.

The rest of the day was driving to breweries which were all a good distance apart which took time. It got to a point where I thought it wouldn’t happen. I called my parents and my dad suggested I go to Canada. This was particularly good as my friend had “life happen” where they couldn’t go anymore. I hadn’t considered this adjustment.

I looked up prices for hotels in Montreal and decided Sunday would be cheaper. I’d work that night, some in the morning and go from there.

This night I went to Starbucks and got some work done. They were open later than the library and I needed the time. One smart thing I did was go to a parking structure I drove by. This let me get things from my trunk and be organized without the rain getting everything wet. Overall, I still have moments of creativity and good thinking, just sometimes I don’t.

The next day was all about Canada, but as such, it deserves its own post. The last meeting for Vermont actually wouldn’t happen soon. I ended up going to New Hampshire, then Maine, then back to Vermont. I had some people try and help me but what worked was stopping in a spot, where the owner’s brother was helping out and he gave me another recommendation. From there I could meet with Next Trip where I heard that a brewery could lead to a life change as well.

There had been some frustrations in Vermont trying to get my meetings. The constant rain added some difficulty for driving at times. The spread-out nature of Vermont led to a lack of service too, adding some minor annoyances. Really though, as I’ve either typed or told people, annoyances stand out, people drive bad, and more when I’m tired. There are things within me that I need to adjust to make the situation better. I did get to catch up with a few different friends at different times which was quite lovely. The weather cleared up for some moments where I could get some nice walking in too while chatting. There were good things, I just needed to be better at paying attention to them.

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