A Great State Experience


Occasionally a question is asked of me which is my favorite state. I’ve lived in 3, and now visited a large majority of the states. I’m on 24 of 50 on this trip alone, but from other travels for work, fun, or helping a buddy move from California to North Carolina, I’ve covered a decent amount. I like California a lot but since I’m from there, no one allows that to be the answer.

There are many enjoyable states I’ve experienced on this trip. The most notable reason is the people along the way and the circumstances before or after that as well. A few but certainly not inclusive examples were seeing unexpected friends in Washington, which was a nice bonus after the kindness I experienced from other friends. Going into Idaho I had a friend that let me crash, I could work out, do laundry, eat and I met some nice people in meetings. North Dakota was still early enough that I didn’t emerge in the trip, and thought I’d be out of luck with a place to stay and for any 4th of July plans, but instead I realized an old friend and his family were there which was wonderful.

Something that makes New Hampshire a little different was the great kindness I experienced, but this time there were no connections I had before I arrived. Usually, there is a friend or friend of a friend or someone I can connect with. That wasn’t the case in Vermont or New Hampshire. I could’ve pushed a little harder or tried more and perhaps had luck, but that was not the case.

As per my “system” I sent out some emails trying to get some meetings locked in. Luckily for me, I had a brewery and a gym respond back that helped me make a schedule. Then I had another gym owner call me and set up another time. Having 3 of 4 meetings scheduled makes things more relaxed. It gives me time to get work in for blogs and prepare for the upcoming states. As it was, I had my first meeting at 5 pm with a brewery. I spent the morning and afternoon in Vermont trying to get my last brewery meeting. I would just miss people, or they’d be coming back from vacation and not have the time or other situations that prevented me from being able to get it finished. It wouldn’t be until after Maine that I’d be done.

Reviewing the scene going into New Hampshire, was a fatigue, tired, and annoyance with this aspect of the trip. Seeing friends, cool places, meeting inspiring people is fun. I don’t mind driving with purpose either. But cold call walking in places due to no emails and getting no after no isn’t fun. Especially when it is self-imposed. I’m doing it because I made up this arbitrary task of talking with 2 gym owners and 2 brewery owners. I reminded myself it is part of the process and I’ve already decided this was what I was going to make work and therefore needed to push forward.

I arrived at Henniker Brewing and talked to the bartender. He made a call and told me it’d be 5 minutes but that he’d get me started. He poured an 8-sample flight! I was pumped! I only have the beer if it is offered to me and never ask. I’m sure the odds are fairly high if I asked the owners for a taste, they would want to share, but that isn’t something I like to do. Asking for handouts, especially when I’m already getting so much help from people. I prefer to be self-sufficient. I was quite happy. During our chat, I heard about the importance of creating and following your identity rather than following trends. Afterwards, I got a tour for my video and was offered more beer! I happily took it, not only because I love beer, but because now I’d have something I could pay forward to others that help me.

My next meeting was at White Mountain CrossFit. The owner had called me before and I was in a library per part of my usual routine of sorts, so I hustled out. Part of the conversation was him asking where I sleep. I told him friends or connections, and occasionally my car. He laughed and said we’d talk the next day. I met with him and it was later in the night after classes had finished up. He said sorry there was no beer in the fridge. I said I have some! I ran to my car and gave a few to the gym and had one. I heard how it is nice to teach people technique, but especially with kids, it is teaching life skills which is powerful.

As we were wrapping up it was getting late and he asked me again where I was going to sleep. I told him I had been running around all day and hadn’t solved that. Most likely I’d car sleep or try to look at the possibility of pitching a tent. He said I could sleep in the gym. There were two couches that could be pushed together without issue and would be comfortable. He didn’t really have room at home or would offer that.

After double checking he was fine with it, I said thank you very much. He went over the details with me to make sure I’d be alright. I told him I’d be good to go. After he left I did some work before sleeping. Along with the work, I told my friends I was sleeping in a gym and it was awesome. I love gyms and having a good place to crash would be nice. One of the bits of work was emailing another brewery from a lead at Henniker. I got an email that I could meet with them the next night at 7! This meant the next day I had 2 meetings, both lined up.

I moved the couches together, went to the bathroom to change into PJs and brush my teeth. I thought how much nicer it is having such a setup and some privacy for brushing the teeth compared to at a rest stop. It’s not awful, just not my favorite to have random strangers walking by as I’m brushing. I was quite happy to have met some great people in New Hampshire.

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