Still a Great State Experience


Getting into the second day of New Hampshire, I awoke feeling pretty good. I had spent the night at White Mountain CrossFit due to the kindness of Brad. He said he’d get in around 5:45 am or so and would be the first one so I didn’t need to worry. Even though that was nice, I made sure to set my alarm plenty early so that I could get up, get changed, put the couches back and basically have the place looking as though I didn’t even sleep there.

Brad’s dog came walking over and he was friendly. Dogs are cool and starting the early day off with one was a good start. Brad asked how I slept and I reported quite well. He then pulled out a container from a bag and said he brought me breakfast! Quite a happy surprise to have. He gave me some utensils and I thanked him. It was 2 fried eggs, some cut up steak and orange bell peppers. Even though it had made the commute, it was still warm and good. As I was in eat mode, I realized I don’t often have steak for breakfast, but I do enjoy it.

Brad was about to get started coaching so I headed out for the day. Early starts are nice because you can get so much done before noon. This was the case as I got some blog work in before heading out to CrossFit New Hampshire. Meeting with them I heard about a passion for helping people and one such example was the need to move buildings because of their landlord. This gave a short window during the summer to make the move. They decided to rent a Uhaul to store the equipment and would go to a park for workouts. They even talked to the city and could install a small rig in the park for classes too. Some hot days made for rough workouts, but those are still some of the glory days.

After our meeting, I was able to take a class because Chase offered it and they had a shower. We did some double unders which were nice as I’ve done some occasionally but it has been a few states since those days. It was good practice and got the heart rate up. Then we did work with clean and jerks. I’ve done considerably more cleans than jerks in my day. The clean is ok, still needing to refine technique as always but it is good enough with some strength that I can still move some weight. The jerk is another issue. I haven’t done it much and my confidence level is much lower.

We were working towards heavy, but mentally I knew it would be ok to not get a max. I had not been training and working towards it and as such, wouldn’t force the issue. I was doing ok but really feeling the lack of confidence in the movement with heavier weight. It was a little annoying and my upper back was tightening up a bit. That is quite unusual for me. I had to remind myself that with so much car time and inconsistency weird stuff could happen. At some point, I ought to do some yoga to loosen up.

I kept working and had varied success, then lightened the load to get more reps with jerks. Chase gave me a cue and then used the PVC pipe to physically cue the need to lower my hips down and not back. I hadn’t realized I was making that mistake. Shame on me as I ought to know, but the most important thing was being open to coaching and making the effort to adjust. Upon making that adjustment the bar popped up nicely. It was a light bulb moment bringing a beaming smile to my face and enthusiasm as the lift felt how it should. It is a great feeling when the movement is done right, and mentally it is nice to be performing correctly.

After the workout, we did a picture or tried to. I had done quite a few in the past for this journey but for some reason, the phone (or user) wouldn’t function properly. Perhaps some button had been hit or a setting that led to this. I didn’t know as I haven’t had the phone too long and don’t really get all in depth for the camera functions. So, we took a video that I could take a screen shot of.

Later when trying to do the screen shot I had issues. I thought it’d be like a normal screen shot or a button for capturing a still. Maybe there still is, but I couldn’t find it. Instead, I posted a small video, which triggered the nerd/geek side in me thinking of pictures in Harry Potter. In the wizard world, the pictures move such as the people may be actively waving. Perhaps like boomerang for Instagram, although for other pictures the character can leave the frame. I’m not sure in the consistency or if portraits compared to standard pictures matter, but I suppose that is quite a tangent and shall end now.

As I was getting ready to leave Chase had asked about the bottle opener and said it was cool and he wanted to buy one. I could sell him one due to the efforts I put in before the trip and the kindness and help of my brother. The money helps to fund portions of the trip which is quite helpful.

Another side note, I had just written a paragraph of what happened next, but I realized after typing Maine twice, that I was talking about a Maine experience instead of New Hampshire. Sometimes there is a blur of days or events with the journey and it takes a focus to get things straight.

Getting back to New Hampshire, I had some time to kill prior to my last meeting. I reached out to a friend I stayed with in Kansas and he reached out to friends in Maine that I could stay with. I was happy to experience more kindness. Tonight, I still needed a plan and I thought camping may be a good option.

I headed to my last meeting and it was different. They were hosting a blood drive in the taproom! It was wrapping up and the taproom was closed for the night. Great North Aleworks was kind enough to offer a token for a pint of beer or flight for those who donated a pint of blood. This was their first time and it was a success. I learned how giving advice of “do something you love” to others can resonate within yourself and lead to a change. I was there for a little while due to their kindness in chatting and sharing experiences. A huge bonus was getting to try all 9 beers on tap, one of which was Smokin’ a nice smoky beer that was enjoyable.

Upon leaving it was much later than I had anticipated. I talked to my brother a bit before deciding to make my way towards Maine and car sleeping that night. It is never as bad when I know the next day I’ll have a place to crash at.

While driving I had realized that each of the 4 owners had been extremely kind in New Hampshire. I was able to enjoy a beer at both places, Henniker sent me along with beer and put me in touch with Great North which was great. I had a place to crash and breakfast from White Mountain CrossFit and work out, connections, and sold a bottle opener to CrossFit New Hampshire. I think it shows that there are ebbs and flows in life. The day to day can be better or worse. I’d say Vermont wasn’t as good, but there are numerous reasons for that, many due to my own lack of timing and so forth. New Hampshire was good though. The key is to do what we can to make it a good day for us and others as often as possible and see how things play out.

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