Familiar But Not


It was now time to work with Rhode Island. As it turns out, I have been to Providence, Rhode Island, not once, but twice! I went for an Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) conference and for a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) conference. That being said, at the conference we basically went to the conference, the hotel nearby, and some local, walkable establishments. I didn’t really know the town of Providence.

After going to the Yankee game, I started my way towards Rhode Island and did some car sleeping. From that groggy morning, I went to Starbucks to caffeine up. While standing in line thinking how nice the coffee will be, someone noticed my CrossFit Sioux Falls shirt and thought it was a local church shirt. I told him it was not, but it was a box from Sioux Falls and he said it was neat. I told him, albeit in a very tired fashion, about my trip answering some questions. I should have been more pleasant and energetic, how people would normally think of me, but was just tired from a lousy night’s sleep. It was a service station rest area with more lights than a normal rest stop. Anyways, the kind guy ended up covering my coffee! I graciously said thank you, then had an awkward moment of unsure if that meant he wanted to talk more or that was it. He didn’t really say much. I paused and waited, said thanks and walked around the corner to a table to do work.

While there I sent some emails and such. I tried to hit up a gym but to no avail. I tried to hit up some breweries but again lacked luck. I then heard back from one, where I could meet up the next day. I went to another brewery and they could meet up in two days. This was inconvenient as I was wanting to be done with Rhode Island and focused on Massachusetts by then. Sometimes it is easier to go with the sure thing, despite it meaning inconvenience for me. I agreed knowing that would mean 3 days of 1 hour each way commutes.

Prior to arriving I had a meeting lined up for Laid Back Fitness. This was a cool spot where they have a more CrossFit/small group workout area, but also a room that is like America Ninja Warrior. It was cool to see a unique place and I heard that through events such as Tough Mudder it gives good bonding experiences for the members.

I was offered a chance to work out which I always appreciate. I had limited time as I was supposed to meet a friend of a friend, the one I’d be staying with the next two nights. He had asked if I wanted to do yoga and upon hearing it’d be free and I could shower at his place I was in. Since I had yoga next, a little sweat wouldn’t hurt. I figured I’d take 10 minutes to crank out some lifts quickly to get some strength in before the hour drive and yoga.

I made my way up towards the Boston area and met a new friend. He was easy going and hospitable, helping me find parking in the city area and securing a guest parking pass from his friend. We then headed towards yoga which meant taking the subway which he helped with making sure I could ride on his dime. Quite gracious. Yoga was good. Challenging, but good. I don’t like how lost I feel at times, nor the lack of ability to execute certain moves, but I do like the present attentiveness I have and how peaceful I feel afterward.

Upon riding back towards his place, we took a pic to capture that fun, sweaty experience in the subway. After getting back to his place, I heard he liked beer and after getting cleaned up I went to my car and grabbed some beers for him. This was possible from the kindness of Baxter Brewing, I had some beers I could share and I happily did so. We then took a quick stroll to a local spot and had a beer and good dinner. I was grateful when he offered to cover the check.

There was some chatting before hitting the bed. It was neat to connect with someone else from San Diego, but all the way in Boston. Another example of the benefits of the journey I’m on, connecting with people that normally I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do so.

The following morning, I headed out early and met with Full Range CrossFit. I liked the logo of the lion as it is similar to the logo for RAWR Nonprofit, the non-profit my good buddy Sean and I formed. I heard how they take pride (get it?) in having programming that all can do. This enables people to improve their fitness.

I then spent some time looking around for a library but didn’t want to pay for parking meters. It just gets a bit annoying having to pay for parking from city to city. I like cities, but I don’t like driving and trying to park in them. If I’m driving, I’d rather be in the suburban areas. Cities are for walking, mass transit or maybe a taxi/uber.

I chatted with my parents on the phone a bit before heading into my next meeting with Foolproof Brewing. I was offered up a sample which was nice and I heard how they associate beer with experiences. As such, the names and stories of the beer revolve around different types of experiences people have with beer.

As I worked my way back up towards Boston, I tried to get ahead a bit to schedule a meeting. I didn’t particularly have much success. I made my way back towards my buddy’s place and he was out due to prior arrangements. I had heard from him that he was close to Harvard. I thought I could use some steps and it would be neat to check out the campus.

As I walked near the campus a bug flew in my eye. Not the best timing as I wasn’t near a mirror and it was later in the evening so places may be closed. It stung for a bit, but I like to think I played it cool overall. It still didn’t ruin the experience from first getting on campus. It felt, different. It was a weird feeling stepping on the campus as an outsider. Knowing the prestige associated with the university. Those who have done amazing things from there and to get there. I tip my hat to them and wish they continue to do things to improve the lives of many.

While experiencing those thoughts, I did find an open building and got that bug out. I saw some tribute to an original programmable computer and such. I then made my walk back and wondered the types of discussions that took place in the nearby restaurants. What types of inspiring ideas and collaborations took place occupied my mind.

I was happy to get back to the place to crash for the night. The next day I had a gym lined up then I went to Batch Brewing in Rhode Island. I heard how a creative passion led to this opportunity and they embrace the daily strive of making things work.

I’ll hit on that gym meeting during the Massachusetts section as it was part of that state.

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