Reluctantly Nice Stadium


It was midday Sunday and I had finished off Connecticut. The rest of the day had one serious purpose, then fun. A friend of mine from Fresno had somewhat recently moved to New York City. I thought it’d be fun to catch up with them and perhaps take in a baseball game. This had been a general plan for a bit, so I had my brother FedEx my old Volkswagen title to a location in the city. I’d need it for the buyback program (check other posts for that whole story).

Driving into the city I realized I should’ve just had him ship it to a location elsewhere, easier to deal with. Somewhat of a mistake, but no matter. I have only been to NYC once before, but a buddy of mine drove as he was used to it. I thought it’d be quite a hassle to deal with the traffic and crazy drivers. Then I reminded myself I’ve driven in Honolulu, San Diego, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, and basically most big cities. Nothing to it but to do it!

As I was navigating the city, I concluded it was as if people didn’t really know how the roads worked, when certain lanes would merge, end, or anything of that nature. It was like everyone was new to the city. The added factor is that everyone was in a rush like they needed to be somewhere. If I anticipated everyone around me being a “new driver” it was far less chaotic as I expected people to do weird things abruptly. I did turn the volume down on my car radio, just as people do when a bit lost or looking for a specific place. Doing so makes it easier to direct attention where it needs to be. Knowing this, I purposely turned it down and was more alert (this was me subtly referencing an example I used to use when teaching others about attention control, and putting info into use!).

Due to it being a Sunday, it wasn’t too bad finding some street parking. I made a little stroll and the package was there for me. The one critical thing was checked off.

I had a bit of extra time as I allocated enough in case of traffic. I was to meet my friend at a distillery but prior to that, I found a bar with a Hawaiian theme for a beer. I found some street parking next to both, and that was also a somewhat short route to the subway. I felt confident with a tad worry that the car would be fine. So far it has been.

I met up with my friend and learned some more about distilling. Just as breweries have been popping up a lot, so too are distilleries, just not quite the same numbers. I also learned that gin can be good as can rye. I’m not a fan of gin and tonics really, but that is more so due to the tonic water. Rye was a nice experience as I do enjoy some scotch from time to time and it had some similar characteristics.

After the distillery, we went to a few other spots to check out more of the town and chat. It was fun, sharing some laughs and such. Unfortunately, my friend had work early the next day and wouldn’t be able to go to the game. No problem as I’ve been to some solo already.

I headed up to Yankee Stadium on the subway. I was a bit bummed to have missed old Yankee Stadium, more for the history than fandom for Yankees. Actually, I’m not a Yankee fan and typically root against them. This started back when I was a kid and didn’t like they could just spend far more than other teams and win. Baseball should utilize a salary cap I think, but anyway, the point is, despite not being a fan I was still excited to check out the stadium. An added plus was Aaron Judge, the star Rookie (at least during the 1st half of the season) went to Fresno State! Go Dogs!

The stadium was impressive. From the outside, it looks like this tribute to human achievement and the spectacle of sport. Inside are massive banners of Yankee greats, reminding people of the excellence the organization has experienced. The stadium itself felt old and familiar, yet modern with technology of nice screens and such. It was very well done.

Another fun part was seeing Boston at New York. It hurt the pocket book more, but it’s a fun rivalry. I did leave the game early, in the 8th as it was tied and I was afraid of extra innings. I had 1-hour subway journey back to my car, then a drive towards Rhode Island. I was already tired from the long day as 11 pm was drawing near.

I took the subway back. Walked around the city towards my car. Half wanting to find a kebab place and half not. I saw some earlier in the day and it generally reminds me of my visit to Germany a few years back. It would’ve been a good treat but I didn’t need to spend the money after that day. Good for the pocket book was not finding such a place. I found my car all good to go and then headed towards Rhode Island. Along the way I found a rest stop somewhere to sleep for the night.

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