Grand Presentation Possibilities

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I enjoy giving talks, whether it is sharing experiences or information. It is a nice way to connect with others. Whenever I engage in such practices I hope it leaves members of the audience with something they can apply in a fashion that will increase joy in their lives. The picture with this blog is a talk I did along the journey. The blogs’ timeline hasn’t yet caught up to reality so stay tuned for more info on that later.

One goal is to give a TED talk one day or something of a similar stature along with additional as available. One day on a long drive I thought how I watched a couple TED talks where people went through an unusual, difficult, inspiring, process which led to their talk. I recall thinking perhaps the reason I can’t give a TED talk is I haven’t done something wild like that. I thought maybe that’s what it would take, doing something “wild” or “epic”, but I didn’t know what I’d ever do that would qualify as such. Fast forward to present day while driving, I realized I’m on such a trip!

That is all I needed for my head to take off thinking of various topics. This could be an end of journey post, but there’s just so many “angles” that I had to get some out!

Maybe I should’ve named it 10 Realizations from 50 states! (although I’m not done with 50, this type of title could be picked up and make it big time!) These aren’t “polished” necessarily meaning the actual title and purpose would likely shift for a real talk, but the main gist is there.

The journey is a metaphor for life -the key is to enjoy the overall experience, there will be some ups and downs along the way, but that’s part of it

Experiencing what you know, strengthens what you know – I used to teach wellness, performance, and positive psychology, but it really is important to eat well, sleep well, and control what you can control.

Find the gem – We all gravitate towards certain people, usually, those we have something in common with and refrain from the opposite, yet within each person is a gem that we can appreciate if we make the effort.

Being Polite is Appreciated – I generally try to be polite and respectful to those I come across and go figure, people tend to respond well to it. There is more to life than being polite, but it is a great start for whatever you may be trying to do.

Strength in Numbers- Sometimes we know something, yet may think it doesn’t apply to us. There is value in hearing the same lesson many times from many people. One such example is the cost and time needed for a build-out/starting is often twice the anticipated amount.

If owned, it doesn’t feel weird -The first couple times I brushed my teeth or shaved at a gym or rest stop it felt weird and as if people were judging me. Then I shifted my mindset that this was how I function now and nothing more to it. Same goes for making peanut butter and honey sandwiches out of my trunk in various parking lots.

Overthinking can be Freaky- Being an analytical type who thinks a lot can have advantages and it can be bad or freaky. Recalling that there are many creepy real-life stories as you are about to stay at a stranger’s house or car sleep is poor timing.

Being a Good Person Can Help – I’ve been fortunate to become friends with good people and have tried to be a good person myself. I’d imagine I’d have a lot less help along the way had I been a jerk in the past.

You Impact Responses– Going into an establishment with energy, enthusiasm, and charisma leads to more favorable responses than being tired and drained.

Growth Can Come from Anywhere – I say I want and value growth, but am I able to find it in surprising ways from unexpected people? Who knows what person will contact me or walk through my doors that can offer information I’d highly value.

As I mentioned there are some more topics brewing in my head, but there were some to share. Feel free to reach out through to inquire more about a topic or if someone wants to recommend me for a TED or other talk, I’d be delighted at such an opportunity!

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