Been MIA but BACK at it!

MIA blog picHi everyone, that’s been following the LIFT N BREWS blog!!! Really appreciate the support along the way of the 50 State Journey. It’s DOOOOOONE!!!! WOOOO!!!

Unfortunately, I got sloppy and slacked, majorly when it came to the blogs. I got caught up with seeing friends and then I could smell the end of the trip. Well, it wasn’t that close, but it was a shift in my mindset. Very similar to finishing the last few reps of the last set or the last half mile of a race. There’s the constant struggle, but you’re so focused and determined, nothing else matters.

As such, I bogged on the blog. I have completed the journey though, meeting with 2 gym owners and 2 brewery owners per state. I had some wild times and tons of support which made it worthwhile.

Since the completion, I’ve spent time with friends and family back in California which has been nice. I also was best man in a wedding down in Mexico in December, which meant I hit all of USA, part of Canada and part of Mexico in 2017 which was fun.

My time now is divided among four areas, looking for a job to get some personal cash flow back. Something about not working for half a year and traveling, albeit cheap takes some money! I’ve also been helping my brother at his side business doing engineering and machining. A way of “working off” some rent haha. I have 200 meeting write-ups to type, well a little less now as I’ve chipped away and I am still making progress. Finally, I’ve been working to develop Lift N Brews as an actual organization. There is still a ton more to do, but I’m nearly done finalizing a second bottle opener and hopefully, within a couple months I’ll have three available on the website.

I will also now get back to reflecting on the trip and updating everyone through the blogs how the other states played out! As always, I appreciate the support on here and Instagram (@liftnbrews) and feel free to reach out anytime! Cheers!

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