Worth the *

worth the asterisk (1)

As I was navigating the country going to state after state, I would meet with 2 gym owners and 2 brewery owners per state. The time to move on to the next state arrived once I completed my final meeting for the state. This was true, until Ohio.

While in Iowa, CrossFit Akeso was kind enough to push out to a small group of other gym owners that I was partaking on this journey. This helped to spread the word a bit. There was a gym owner in Ohio that has a similar passion for craft beer and was willing to be included in the journey. This was great until the timing was so that he was gone at the CrossFit games as I was rolling through Ohio.

I was bummed, wanting to connect with someone so fitting for my journey, yet the timing was an issue. Except, then I realized it wasn’t really an issue. I knew at that point that I would need to make a trip back to Wisconsin to complete the VW buyback process. I decided that I would meet with him on my way back east after doing so. Additionally, he had some connections with connections to breweries I could utilize.

It was after my VW buyback completion that it was once again time for Ohio. There was a friend I had met in Hawaii that had some connections in Ohio which I appreciated and tried to set up but failed to do so properly. The connections were for other gyms, but seeing as how I already had my gyms, it wasn’t the number one priority for me. Additionally, I only wanted to spend one night in Ohio as I had other states to visit!

I went to meet with CrossFit Scioto and heard how the main issue for gym owners is not having a business mindset. The key is to look at it in such a fashion then develop it accordingly. From his connections, I was fortunate to have my 2 breweries scheduled for the day as well. As we were chatting, finishing up our meeting, he offered to drive me to the next spot and asked about sitting in. I told him as long as the other owner didn’t mind, then neither did I.

We got to Land Grant where it was a friendly welcome and I heard how they are going to be on tap at the horseshoe, for The Ohio State football games. This was exciting and I’ve since told quite a few people. Not only was I able to have a beer here, but I was given a t-shirt, stickers and a case of beer! It was such a delight and I can report I shared the bounty with friends I’ve since met.

There was some time before my final meeting of the day. The gym owner said we could go grab lunch and there was this neat market. It was a building that had 20 something spots to grab food at. It was almost as if an outdoor market, but indoors. I ended up with a Bison burger which my new friend covered for me. I in return covered the beers at another spot where we could sit and eat the food.

After a nice lunch, it was time for another meeting, this time with North High Brewing. Upon arriving they were finishing up a meeting. We waited a few minutes until it was finished and were kindly offered a beer. I heard how a team of friends had come together on this project. Upon completion of the questions, another beer was offered and I noticed a rare Oktoberfest which goes quick and it was quite enjoyable.

The gym owner and I then went back to the gym for a bit to work on stuff. As if there hadn’t been enough kindness already, he said I could crash at his place! The plan was to hit a cool spot for dinner and then meet up another coach later for a beer.

The dinner was enjoyable, eating some good food with a beer and good chats. Overall the day was quite solid. Beer throughout, but nothing absurd of course. It was fun connecting with new people and feeling more like friends than strangers. A couple times I had to remind myself that I had just met these cool people and that the next day I’d be gone. Further help came when I had the coach connect me to another gym owner in the next state!

I felt proud and happy for having the “asterisk” with Ohio. It was worth the wait to finish Ohio as I met some great people and had a great time.

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