Covering Delaware

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Due to some car sleeping, I rolled into Delaware rather early. As per my “routine” on these sorts of days, I needed to caffeine up and make a bit of a plan for popping into gyms. I found an option nearby but needed some time according to their schedule for them to finish. Being a Saturday, many gyms have one or two classes and that is all for the day. It is really hit or miss finding an owner.

I showed up to the gym, about 5 minutes within the close of the hour, thinking I could hang out for a bit. As it turns out, there was no one there! Not sure if it was a short day or class canceled, but either way I had no luck. I had to go to another gym, but it was 25 minutes away or so. I then heard the owners would be at another location. I went there, another 20 minutes away and there was an owner, but doing a workshop of sorts and then busy the rest of the day. I inquired about the following day saying I could make any time work. That was then the plan.

It’s the combination of being tired, bad luck jumping location to location and the feeling of wasting time that makes me quite irritable. I dislike inefficiency and from time to time I experience it in large amounts. I try to mitigate with emails to schedule things but the success rate is unpredictable. -it may sound like a broken record to some extent, depending on how many blogs you’ve read. But it is still relevant.

I was able to get a meeting scheduled for the following day which was a plus. I then turned my attention to breweries. There was a notable brewery, Dogfish Head that I had seen on discovery channel or something quite a few years ago. I thought it seemed like a cool place but it was so far. Now I was in Delaware I had to go, despite not meeting the owner (I tried, with basic effort). It was a neat place and what stood out was the free tastings they did. Essentially a mini flight with 4 options you could choose from. It was a fun experience, some pictures on the ceiling and so forth. I didn’t bother with the tour as I’ve had my own tours of other breweries and I could have the free beer without it.

Getting back towards my meetings, I popped in a few places but no luck. I was covering the enter state of Delaware it seemed. For the purpose of my trip and the focus of meeting gym and brewery owners, it’s a bit annoying having to drive 20-30 minutes to small parts of town to meet someone, all for it to not work out.

The time seemed to fly away quite quickly. I felt irritable from a somewhat failure of a day. I wanted a shower and workout, knowing I’d feel better. I found two gyms, but one was closing in 15 minutes, so that left another. Unfortunately, it was by the beach, meaning there were tons of people around. Navigating that is irritable too. Just a grumpy Gus I was. I finally parked 10 blocks away or so. I walked to the gym, carrying my bag getting a small warm up in. Once arriving, I found that apparently, I was wrong, they didn’t have showers! Add more annoyance. I did try to see if the owner was around, but no luck either.

I was walking towards my car in a deflated state. Then I found another gym, 30 minutes away, of course, that was closing in 50 minutes but was also 24 hours. I called and if I got there within the 50 minutes, I could stay for however long I wanted and they confirmed they had showers. I then ran the 10 blocks to the car to save time, getting up a sweat and thinking they had better be right about those showers!

I got in, paid the fee and took my time hitting the iron. I did a pyramid approach, hitting a decent amount of reps, then decreasing the reps per set while adding weight. It was AMAZING! I felt incredibly better. Physically it felt good to push myself, to feel the effects of lifting the weight. Emotionally I was feeling happy from the hormones being released, and from thinking of anything annoying and using that as fuel for the lift.

I then felt a bit silly. I’ve worked with hundreds of people on an individual basis regarding fitness and exercise. I’ve also worked with thousands regarding the mental side of performance, and at times we’d discuss exercise too. I know and have taught many people about such benefits of exercise. It was about time that I made effort to follow my own advice on this journey. My normal life routine has about 9 workouts in 10 days, but on the journey, I was only at 2 or 3 per 10 days. That wouldn’t cut it. I need to be normal Jeremy, happy and doing well. I needed a gym.

I needed a place that had locations all the country, and of course showers. I can make any type of gym work as I understand what benefit I’m trying to experience and can be creative as necessary. I tried to get an Anytime Fitness membership but they needed a 30-month delay before I could go to other locations. Not going to work. So, Planet Fitness turned out to be the option. I couldn’t believe I was considering it as they lack free weights I love, and the idea of not grunting takes away the intensity for such lifts. Not that I grunt obnoxiously, but occasionally if getting after some heavy weight, it’s not uncommon for a grunt of some sort to occur.

What sold me was showers and locations. They have locations all over the place, many 24 hours, with showers. This is brilliant, as I can always workout, whether at Planet Fitness or a gym where I meet the owner and then go to Planet Fitness to shower. Writing this a while since my experience, I can assure it has been one of the best decisions I’ve had.

Sunday was much better for meetings. I had my follow up meeting at CrossFit Dover and appreciated the values on the wall for all to see. I almost had another gym, but it had to be scheduled for the following morning.

Through some more messages, I got a brewery scheduled for Monday as well. I decided it was time to get a hotel, write and regroup until finishing Monday.

I went to Kal-El CrossFit and heard how important it is to do what you want, and keep persevering. I then headed to Twin Lakes Brewery where a hospitable group of people made for a nice time. Not only could I hear how they are purposeful in using well water, they were kind and let me try a few beers. The added value was when they called another owner on my behalf! Such a change in events for Delaware due to them.

The final meeting was Argilla Brewing at Pietro’s Pizza where there are over 40 years of pizza experience, and now beer. Quality is key for both. I was happy again as I made progress and started to make my way to New Jersey.


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