Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

NJ blog pic

It was time for New Jersey. Rolling into New Jersey I had a friend that had some family and friends in the state which I thought I could leverage. Additionally, I had never been to Atlantic City and I thought that would be a fun experience. I’ve been to Vegas quite a few times with some grand fun times and I understood from others that Atlantic City was not at the same level, but I was still curious to see and experience it.

I had sent some emails and was able to line up a brewery. The brewery was Flying Fish which talked about the days of the internet growing and the need to go all in and commit to the business. They were kind enough to let me have some beer which was nice. Their facility was quite large and it was a little tricky trying to fit everything into the one video. They were kind enough to provide contact information for Cape May Brewing.

I tried to get some gyms in but didn’t have any luck. I did get one scheduled for the next day. Another part of the day involved taking my car in for the 10,000 miles service. It had only been about 6 weeks but I had certainly put in a lot of driving. While there I got a free lunch of complimentary bagel with cream cheese.

It was raining a decent amount through the day and after my workout at Planet Fitness, I was hungry for dinner. I found Sal Vito Pizza and decided I’d eat something there. There is always this little battle of being frugal, but wanting to try some local eats, and possibly come across something great. This pizza place had tons of pictures on the walls from friends, family, and celebrities over the past 30 years. It was good food and nice people. Plus, I didn’t have to stand in the rain with my trunk open to make a sandwich.

Talking with my buddy, it was a series of bad timing and delayed communications that lead to my not having a place to sleep. I decided car sleeping it was, and the following night I’d get a hotel in Atlantic City, which was cheaper than normal due to it being during the week.

The next day I cranked out meeting with CrossFit Jungle Gym who stressed the importance of knowing your value and sticking with it. I then went to CrossFit Hamilton where I heard of the risk in expanding their space, but it enabled them to help even more people.

I was having a solid day and had an appointment at Cape May Brewing. This was great but it was on the other side of the state. I got there and heard how it was key for them to view it as any business, but then to still enjoy the fact its beer. I was given some beer tokens and some stickers. I tried some good beers and chatted with some local patrons for a while.

I then headed out to Atlantic City. It felt a bit run down as that’s how others had described it to me, but also there was still some energy of sorts in the air. I checked in and decided I’d allow for $100 of gambling. I like gambling in that I like to play and win, but I hate losing. That hatred for losing, and even more so for hating to lose money prevents me from playing often or for a lot. I found a spot and played some roulette and blackjack. Did horrible in both. I have a general idea of the odds of success, but still, it was just bad. I stopped after losing $70 or so. I wanted to win! (thoughts of every gambler). I then walked on the beach for a while and checked out the boardwalk which was neat. Along the way, I chatted with a buddy of mine on the phone which was nice. I was taking in the experience.

I decided to try my luck with the last $30 since I had already allocated for it anyways. I played more blackjack and this time I won a hand. Then I won a few more. I got up to $125 total and walked away. Being down $70 then working my way up $25 made me a happy camper! Again, I’m not a big player, but certainly, like winning and was happy to walk away a winner.

Overall it was a nice time in Atlantic City. Nothing crazy but now I’ve been there. Virginia was next on the list and I knew I had a couple people I could stay with. That would be quite nice.



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