Shop’s Open!

shops open (2).jpg

Helllllllo!!! As has been a bit of a theme as of late, I have been sporadic with the blog postings. I do think the reasoning is warranted though, although it could be debated depending on the perspective.

I have been working hard on getting the LIFT N BREWS shop up and functioning! It has been much more difficult than anticipated, but the help and enthusiasm has been incredible. I can report that we have some great products to offer, designed and manufactured in the United States. Many people have put great effort into creating some high-quality products, and the reaction when someone receives an opener is truly rewarding.

I want to thank you for your support in reading the blogs of the 50 State Journey. I can assure you I’ll get back to those blogs and tales shortly. It would mean the world if you could look over the shop and get an item to show your support, or if nothing hits your interest, perhaps you could take a moment and share the website with your network. This is an early and extremely small business and to speak candidly, every time an order comes in, it’s a complete burst of joy that a dream is becoming a reality.

That shall be all for now as I need to get back to writing another blog on the journey! Thank you again for the support and feel free to reach out whenever. Cheers!


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