Wow that’s THE Mississippi River on that Brewery

MS blog pic

I was arriving into the Laurel area of Mississippi late one evening and came across a brewery. I decided to try my luck to see if I could get a brewery checked off. I walked in and it was near closing time, yet the owner was kind enough to meet with me a bit to answer the questions. Not only that, he offered me up a beer to enjoy during this process.

The brewery was Slowboat Brewing Company and I heard how people can pick up on the passion and love that goes into creating each beer. A fun fact too was that within Laurel you can have an open container too! I had no idea. To further add to the kindness experienced, the owner put me in touch with another brewery owner.

As night was coming, I decided to get a hotel for the night and regroup. It is a nice feeling having a place to stay that is your own, even if it is for the night. It helps to reset everything and make the next day a great one.

The day started off with a morning meeting at Natchez Brewing Company where I was able to get my questions answered during some live action brewing. I never mind this as I know there are schedules to be met and work to be done. It is nice seeing the level of expertise in brewing that happens. I heard about the joy that comes from seeing people enjoying something you made. When I was getting ready to depart, they kindly gave me a six pack for the road, which I would be able to share with others, stickers, and even a pint glass! Writing this blog after the fact I can happily report using that glass for a cold one always brings a smile to my face.

Leaving the brewery, I was looking for some gyms to pop into. It was a couple minutes and I saw a big river. A comedic delay later, it clicked that this was THE Mississippi river! I don’t know what is considered to be the proper amount of excitement when first seeing it, but I felt rather excited and got out of my car to check it out. There was a passerby and I asked for a picture too.

Moving on, I popped into CrossFit 601 and was told I could come back in a little bit and have a chance to talk. Once I came back, I heard how a passion to help people is their bottom line.

I only needed one more meeting for Mississippi and that would be with Three Lions CrossFit where they had English ties, hence the name. I heard how the owners take time to schedule in their own fitness as things can be quite busy. I was also surprised to hear about the high level of soccer in the area. This was encouraging to me as I hope one day the USA men’s team can represent properly at the World Cup.

Finishing up Mississippi meant time for Louisiana. I tried to get things set up but didn’t have much luck. The positive is that with more and more success finishing states, it adds clout to the journey and people are more willing to be part of it when I try to pop in. Driving over to Louisiana, it was fun to realize I was crossing the Mississippi River. I also went back and forth if I should get a hotel again or car sleep. I decided car sleeping until I saw a sign in the rest area saying no overnight vehicles. I wasted so much time and effort on this all for naught. Well, another hotel it’d be, a least I’d find a cheap one. In Louisiana, I had a connection from high school I’d try to stay with.

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