I’ll Take the Same Exact Thing

LA blog 2

It was time for me to be a bit of a tourist and check out a little of what the city had to offer. I first had to go to Café du Monde to get some coffee and beignets. It’s a rather well-known place and I had a friend donate to make sure I didn’t miss out. I found some street parking, got to the place and it was packed.

I decided to get my order to go and then found a little park area which had a cool atmosphere to it. The area overall, I found great interest in as it felt like history. The coffee had a nice flavor to it, but the most notable thing was the good half an inch of pure powdered sugar piled on top of each beignet. It was sweet, warm and soft. Pretty delicious and enjoyable experience. The only thing was towards the end a light rain started to come down.

I retreated to my car for shelter and found that Port of Call wasn’t open for nearly 2 hours. I drove by it and found some street parking so that I would be ready when it was. A friend of mine who started the whole funding for food did so for a burger at this place. Before that action he had told me on a few occasions it was the best burger he’s ever had. He did say there were some nerves that maybe it wouldn’t live up to the hype, but I was quite excited.

With my extra time, I found a nearby bar. It was a bit odd walking around the French quarter on a Sunday morning. There was some debris in the street, and it just felt dirty and a bit gross from the rain. Part of it was due to the fact that it seemed the night before there was just so much life happening and now there wasn’t. I’m sure on a nice day it’d feel nice and amazing. I still enjoyed the buildings, street, and overall feel.

At the bar, I had some beer while watching football and thought back to how normal of an activity this is for me while home and not on such a journey. I noticed some boxes of freebies such as donuts. Not one to pass up a deal, I snagged one. This may seem silly as I just had the beignets and I’m literally killing time until I can go eat in an hour, but hey, free food is free food.

It was finally time for me to leave and I got into the restaurant and within 10 minutes it seemed to be nearly half full. I ordered a rum punch drink that my friend told me about and they had it whipped up quickly. They had 3 bartenders and I noticed that drink orders were amazingly promptly served. I like watching well-oiled machines like this.

I ordered a mushroom cheeseburger and baked potato. When I took a bite, it was so soft and so good. Each bite was fast as I was eager for the next and it seemed to go away super-fast, and yet time also felt like it slowed to allow for enjoyment of the burger. It was absolutely incredible.

I texted my friend about its deliciousness and he was excited for me. He said it’s like you want another one but you’re too full. I told him he was right, but I was not too full for another. So, with minimal encouragement, I ordered up the same exact thing I just ate! The second time around after being fuller, it was the same experience, just more familiar. I wish I had one right now as I write about it. Well, that’s not entirely true as I’m sure one wouldn’t do it. Whenever I find myself back in that city, I shall get two more of those burgers!

There would be no more excitement for me in New Orleans on this trip. It was time for me and my full belly to hit the road again.

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