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Departing my grandparent’s place with a full belly and a spare bacon and cheese sandwich, I was ready for my drive to Colorado. I had a friend from my grad school time in Fresno that now lived in Colorado and he said I could stay with him. The one downside was that to make this portion of the trip, I was looking at 10 hours of driving.

It was one of the most beautiful drives I experienced on the journey. 1

I was getting settled in and ready for some cruising, taking the 15 and the 70 (side note, a southern Californian thing here calling it “the 15” whereas many people will say “I 15” just a fun tidbit for those that didn’t know). I had not been on the 70 before but this was an enjoyable drive. The views were beautiful. I remember thinking how lucky I was to experience it, yet it was a little sad that I couldn’t share that experience with someone with me.

I did try to use some technology to share some bits with some friends and at least tried to describe it with a hands-free phone call. It was mid-September, meaning fall was arriving and it was present on this stretch of the 70. It was full of amazing landscapes, fall foliage, green in bountiful amounts, and snow-capped mountains. The variety was breathtaking. The fall colors stood out as I had missed such experiences living in warmer climates.

There was also a point along the way where I could pull off, stretch my legs, and take in some amazing views. The associated picture with this blog shows a quick picture I took of one of the stops. In retrospect, I could’ve put more effort into taking the right picture, but I was more focused on being in the moment than trying to be somewhat like a photographer.

It was a long day of driving but when I arrived I had a chance to catch up a bit before heading to bed. I had one gym meeting scheduled and the rest of the meetings would be through popping in, but since Colorado would mark the 46th state, I had confidence it would go well.

I started off the day heading towards a gym that was rather close and the owner of CrossFit Endure was able to meet with me. I caught him just after he was finishing a workout and he said he could meet then and there which was nice. I heard of the importance of understanding your value and providing it daily.

It was then time to make my way towards Fort Collins. I met up with CrossFit Evolve and heard how programming, coaching, and care lead to a good environment. As I was getting ready to head out, they kindly gave me a T-shirt too!

The day was quite productive and luckily there was a decent concentration of breweries nearby. I popped in one and an owner asked me to come back later. I went and got something to eat and then returned. He was finishing up a meeting and seemed busy as it lasted longer than he wanted it to. There was another owner brewing, and they talked, and the brewer said he could meet with me. It was impromptu, and he was quite busy, but I appreciated his willingness to set aside some time and answer the questions. I heard at Zwei Brewing that they have German beers but fundamentally they know the importance of making the most of opportunities.

I was pretty excited at my progress for the day and felt a desire to finish off my last meeting for Colorado. As I got closer to the end of the journey, my focus shifted more towards hammering out the meetings and not getting distracted by other sights/activities. I was ready for it to be over.

I popped into Rally King Brewing and heard how there is joy in providing a variety of new options of beer as the neighborhood spot. It was nice to try my first sour porter which was tasty and a fun experience as it was atypical for my eyes and taste buds. Not only that but as I was getting ready to depart, they gave me stickers and a new hat! I still get compliments on the hat.

It was a rather full and productive day. My friend said I could stay another night and they would be making Mexican food which I was excited to eat. It was a fun night of some good chats, food, and taking it easy before hitting the road to Wyoming.


1 some of my other favorite drives are pacific coast highway in California, taking Kamehameha highway around Oahu, and taking H3 towards the Windward side. Heading west on I8 from Arizona to California you can get beautiful sunsets. Taking AK 3 South in Alaska during October was like driving in a framed picture of beauty, but a little more dangerous driving than I care for.

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