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I drove into Wyoming without a clear-cut plan. I figured the town of Laramie seemed like a good start and it already had a chill in the air, but not to the degree that true fall or winter brings of course.

I popped into CrossFit Laramie and the owner was just wrapping up from a morning class. She was someone with a strong drive who had pushed herself mentally and physically and liked the idea of the journey. I heard of the joy in seeing people achieve things they hadn’t thought possible. While looking around the gym and getting ready for my video, I was curious about a rabbit with horns.

Naturally I asked about it and I was told it was a jackalope. A jackrabbit with antelope horns. Apparently, it’s a mythical animal in the area. It was on the T shirt so kindly given to me so that I can now represent the jackalope!

While completing the meeting, I inquired of other gyms and heard of Laramie Fitness. I headed out and as I arrived, it reminded me of a 24-hour fitness place, but just local to that town. I had doubted the owner would be in, but there he was! I told him about the journey and he was willing to meet with me.

I heard of the importance of putting effort into making a place that people enjoy. This meant long nights and weekends painting and doing the little things that people noticed and appreciated when he bought the place. Beyond his willingness to chat with me and share wisdom, he liked my Bumper Plate Bottle Opener and was very kind to buy 2! At such an early stage in LIFT N BREWS any support is magnified in impact. I’m truly grateful for him being one of my earliest supporters!

Having completed both gym meetings, I had a sense of accomplishment and drive to get a brewery meeting in. I had another one scheduled for the following morning, so if I could get one done today, it would be smooth for the schedule.

I went into one brewery but didn’t have any luck. They mentioned a couple others and I said thanks and went on my way. As I was walking down the street, I saw some amazing building art being painted by @ziggaziggah which added an element of gaining some culture for me. I chatted with him for a few moments and gave him my respect for his work.

The next spot I tried was called The Library Sports Grille & Brewery where I was able to meet with an owner who offered me up a beer. I heard how knowing your market and being consistent to them is key.

It was now drawing towards the evening and I needed to figure out what I was going to do to sleep. I thought about staying with a nice family I stayed with towards the beginning of the journey. I had stayed with them in Wyoming, as I made my way towards South Dakota. I felt a little bad about imposing again, but when talking with another friend they said it’d be ok. I considered it more and then realized it wouldn’t really make sense to drive a few hours just to sleep and then a few hours back the next day. I decided to rest up with a hotel.

The next morning, I went into Freedoms Edge Brewing and met some kind, energetic owners. I heard how they focus on balanced beer with nice flavor in the taste and aroma. Beyond the meeting, we had some good tangents of conversations, laughs, and some activities. One event they do is fundraise for charities as they allow people to stick dollars to the ceiling. This means folding the dollar, getting a thumb tack and a quarter to add some weight and tossing it just right so it sticks.

The owner did it like a pro. I’m fairly athletic and skilled and thought I could match him. I was quite mistaken. It took around 10 tries for me to get it! I was determined to make it happen, but I also felt bad it was taking so long! I got it close a few times, bent a tack which made things more difficult but eventually got it.

It was a fun experience meeting with some good people and I was happy that they also sent me away with a T shirt! Just like that it was time to head back to Utah, this time in the Salt Lake area where I would have more opportunities for completing my meetings.

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