50 State Trip

What’s involved: Jeremy will drive to all 48 contiguous states and fly to Alaska and Hawaii to have discussions with at least 2 brewery owners and 2 gym owners per state while visiting friends and family along the way. The map below is a general route, with the actual route being determined where he will connect with people along the way.


Why do this? As Jeremy was approaching his 30th birthday, he realized the entrepreneurial spirit within him was too strong to ignore. There had been many ideas in the past, yet none had been put into action. In May of this year, Jeremy decided to start his first venture, Lift N Brews, by combining his two biggest passions: working out and drinking beer. Lift N Brews is for people that like to lift weights, drink beer, and be part of a community that values growth, gratitude, and connection. The goal of Lift N Brews is to unite people who value:  the growth we make daily, the process of continual improvement, and taking the time to be grateful for the good in our lives and connecting with others.

Goals: To visit at least 2 gyms and 2 breweries per state to meet and talk with the owners. Through these discussions, Jeremy wants to learn about the owners’ entrepreneurial journeys and lessons they’ve learned through their experience.

A bottle opener designed and manufactured by Jeremy

For those with curiosity and/or encouragement, follow the 50-state journey here: