Brass Coin: 50 State Journey

There are so many people that contributed towards making the 50 State Journey in 2017 possible and amazing! As a result, Jeremy with help, designed and machined a Brass Coin to express gratitude for those who were truly part of the journey.

The 12 ft stick of brass (218 lbs) on the forklift after unloading the delivery
Team work moving the brass
Using the bandsaw to cut the stick in half to make it more manageable. Same saw was used to cut all the pucks of raw material
Obligatory shoulder press
Obligatory Curls
Machined soft jaws from aluminum to hold the brass while CNC milling (Haas VF4)
Left side of each soft jaw would be for Op 1, the front
Op 1 is flipped from left to the right, and new raw material is placed in the left.
There are 4 completed parts, 2 per each right side.
Classic action shot making sure the material is flush for a great cut
A rubber mallet makes sure everything is properly in position
For 4 parts it’d take 48 minutes of machining time. Long hours but worth it for some incredible people!
Finished part! Looks like a metal weight plate and can be used as an opener!

Of note:  It was designed to look like a metal weight plate, but can serve as a bottle opener as it had to be that way for LIFT N BREWS!

Brass: This metal was chosen because it looks awesome! It does mean its a bit softer so it is not as good as steel for opening tons of bottles, and it can have a tendency to oxidize. You may notice some smudging and/or green hint. It can be cleaned off with warm water or tomato paste according to the internet and experience (or just let it get rustic looking!)

Thank you again to everyone that played a part in the 50 state journey! We wish we could’ve made thousands of these to give to everyone that played any part, but the cost didn’t let that be possible. Cheers!