About Us

Lift N Brews is about lifting weights and drinking beer.

There is more to it…the story is below…

Lifting and drinking beer mean more than it seems from first thought. Lifting weights represent a journey. A journey of growth. It doesn’t matter if it is your first day or many years of lifting weights, you can improve. It may be slow, it may take extreme focus and dedication, but you can improve. Those who truly love lifting weights love the growth. The everlasting challenge, trying to make each rep easy, and yet never achieving that state because once it gets near, more weight is added. This process, this sanctuary to unleash anything bad that has happened in the day or week, this is special.


Drinking beer can be associated with dumb actions, but not here. Drinking beer represents an opportunity to be present in the moment, to experience gratitude for the good in our lives, and to share ideas and experiences with others. Finding a new brew represents a chance to see another adaptation of the category of beer. Furthermore, a new beer represents a new experience. A chance to share in this and create bonds with others. A “Cheers!” isn’t something said, rather it represents thanks for our lives and those good people we have around us.


Lifting weights or enjoying beer often involves others. People are willing to spot, encourage, and ask for advice when it comes to lifting. Stories of past successes and future goals are shared whether it is in the weight room or over a pint. When people enjoy a beer, they have a moment to reflect and interact with others. Even if you don’t go with someone, you can meet the bartender and likely someone else at the bar and strike up an interesting conversation. Having the opportunity to connect with others in our lives adds great value and joy.