Done with Contiguous

The United States of America has 48 contiguous states plus Alaska, Hawaii and some territories. Some people refer to the 48 as the continental United States, but really that isn’t quite as accurate as Alaska and Hawaii are part of the continent. Contiguous is a little better because it means the states connected to each … More Done with Contiguous

Side Learning

Getting into Arkansas, my confidence in the pop in approach was growing. It was state 40, meaning I had met with 78 gym owners and 78 brewery owners already. I know one of the factors of influence is consensus, meaning that people follow other people (Influence by Cialdini). With such high numbers, it would be … More Side Learning

The Awe of DC

Washington DC is a place I had a curiosity about for some time. Being from southern California, it wasn’t part of our school experience to take field trips there as so many on the east coast do. I had heard it was cool, heard it was inspiring, and heard it wasn’t that great. I have … More The Awe of DC

Kindness Chain

The next state was one which I had been to before for work back when I had a job. I miss having some consistent income at times, but that’ll happen once I finish this journey. The state is Pennsylvania. As I was driving in, I didn’t have anything scheduled. The car and Ohio had some … More Kindness Chain

Delight Family

It was Friday mid-morning when I finished my final meeting in Massachusetts. My next destination was New York state. Luckily for me, I had a place to crash for the night. While I say, luck, it partially is, but more so due to the kindness of others. Along the journey, I’ve been happy to have … More Delight Family

WOO! Sox win!

I had stayed in Boston for two nights then had another place just outside of Boston to crash. This friend was someone I worked with in Arizona for a bit, both of us with San Diego roots. We had worked in different departments and chatted occasionally and he ended up leaving a bit before I … More WOO! Sox win!