A Wild Time

It was nighttime as I was driving to Cooperstown when I decided I’d have to choose between Ommegang Brewery and the Baseball Hall of Fame. There wasn’t enough time for both that night, unfortunately. I decided the brewery would be a better bet at night as there could be a chance to chat with someone. … More A Wild Time

Delight Family

It was Friday mid-morning when I finished my final meeting in Massachusetts. My next destination was New York state. Luckily for me, I had a place to crash for the night. While I say, luck, it partially is, but more so due to the kindness of others. Along the journey, I’ve been happy to have … More Delight Family

WOO! Sox win!

I had stayed in Boston for two nights then had another place just outside of Boston to crash. This friend was someone I worked with in Arizona for a bit, both of us with San Diego roots. We had worked in different departments and chatted occasionally and he ended up leaving a bit before I … More WOO! Sox win!

Familiar But Not

It was now time to work with Rhode Island. As it turns out, I have been to Providence, Rhode Island, not once, but twice! I went for an Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) conference and for a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) conference. That being said, at the conference we basically went to … More Familiar But Not

Conn Quick

I finished up Maine on a Friday and finished Vermont as well. I had been in touch with a friend about staying with him outside Boston during the trip. I realized I didn’t have any strong connections to Rhode Island and maybe a possible one for Connecticut. Almost happenstance, I was talking with a friend … More Conn Quick

Oh Canada!

Bonjour! Welcome to the Canada story of the blog. The journey I’m on is about going to each of the 50 states, seeing gyms, seeing breweries, meeting owners, seeing sights, and meeting the great people that make up the nation of the United States! Well, I’ve never been to Canada before so I figured this … More Oh Canada!