The Awe of DC

Washington DC is a place I had a curiosity about for some time. Being from southern California, it wasn’t part of our school experience to take field trips there as so many on the east coast do. I had heard it was cool, heard it was inspiring, and heard it wasn’t that great. I have … More The Awe of DC

Merry Maryland

Heading to Maryland, I admit I was a bit foolish. I didn’t fully realize how close Maryland/DC/Virginia were necessarily. On the plus side, it worked out quite well for me. A couple years back, when I was at a training for work, I met a cool guy and we became friends. As it turned out, … More Merry Maryland

Covering Delaware

Due to some car sleeping, I rolled into Delaware rather early. As per my “routine” on these sorts of days, I needed to caffeine up and make a bit of a plan for popping into gyms. I found an option nearby but needed some time according to their schedule for them to finish. Being a … More Covering Delaware

Kindness Chain

The next state was one which I had been to before for work back when I had a job. I miss having some consistent income at times, but that’ll happen once I finish this journey. The state is Pennsylvania. As I was driving in, I didn’t have anything scheduled. The car and Ohio had some … More Kindness Chain

Worth the *

As I was navigating the country going to state after state, I would meet with 2 gym owners and 2 brewery owners per state. The time to move on to the next state arrived once I completed my final meeting for the state. This was true, until Ohio. While in Iowa, CrossFit Akeso was kind … More Worth the *