V Dub Done

I woke up in the hotel, excited and a bit nervous about the VW buyback. There shouldn’t be any issues, but there could be. The car could be gone from the long-term parking at the airport where I left it. It could not start properly or make it to the dealership. There could be some … More V Dub Done

A Wild Time

It was nighttime as I was driving to Cooperstown when I decided I’d have to choose between Ommegang Brewery and the Baseball Hall of Fame. There wasn’t enough time for both that night, unfortunately. I decided the brewery would be a better bet at night as there could be a chance to chat with someone. … More A Wild Time

Delight Family

It was Friday mid-morning when I finished my final meeting in Massachusetts. My next destination was New York state. Luckily for me, I had a place to crash for the night. While I say, luck, it partially is, but more so due to the kindness of others. Along the journey, I’ve been happy to have … More Delight Family

WOO! Sox win!

I had stayed in Boston for two nights then had another place just outside of Boston to crash. This friend was someone I worked with in Arizona for a bit, both of us with San Diego roots. We had worked in different departments and chatted occasionally and he ended up leaving a bit before I … More WOO! Sox win!

Familiar But Not

It was now time to work with Rhode Island. As it turns out, I have been to Providence, Rhode Island, not once, but twice! I went for an Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) conference and for a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) conference. That being said, at the conference we basically went to … More Familiar But Not

Conn Quick

I finished up Maine on a Friday and finished Vermont as well. I had been in touch with a friend about staying with him outside Boston during the trip. I realized I didn’t have any strong connections to Rhode Island and maybe a possible one for Connecticut. Almost happenstance, I was talking with a friend … More Conn Quick