Oh Canada!

Bonjour! Welcome to the Canada story of the blog. The journey I’m on is about going to each of the 50 states, seeing gyms, seeing breweries, meeting owners, seeing sights, and meeting the great people that make up the nation of the United States! Well, I’ve never been to Canada before so I figured this … More Oh Canada!

Oh Hi Bye

After feeling relaxed from the good workout, it was time to head to Ohio. I didn’t have a real solid plan for Ohio because I was planning on returning later. There is an owner I’d like to make effort to meet, and knowing at some point I need to return to Wisconsin due to the … More Oh Hi Bye

Happy ZZZ

Picking up immediately from where I left off on the previous blog…The next day I went in for Till the Battle is Won, which was: Carry 45lb plate 220 yards bear crawl 10 yards forward, 10 yards backward 10 sit-ups run 220 yards 10 plate ground to overhead 10 each side Russian twists 5 rounds. … More Happy ZZZ


Heading into Lexington I was happy to have a place to stay. In Kentucky, I had two options. I had another friend say I could reach out to them, but I had some reluctance due to them having a kid that just turned one. I don’t mind kids whatsoever, more so I know it can … More Stouterday

Thanks, New Friend

The first morning in Indiana started off right with a good workout, shower, and breakfast before starting the day. It was going to be solid. I started off by meeting with Constant Quest CrossFit and heard how the gym resulted after many years of building out his own garage gym. This made for a smooth … More Thanks, New Friend