With Aloha

I love arriving in Hawaii. Walking off the plane you can feel the aloha. There is a great tropical feel, the humidity, the breeze, the island spirit. It was so exciting to be back, the first time since I had moved from the island. I was happy to be back, happy to be on state … More With Aloha

Done with Contiguous

The United States of America has 48 contiguous states plus Alaska, Hawaii and some territories. Some people refer to the 48 as the continental United States, but really that isn’t quite as accurate as Alaska and Hawaii are part of the continent. Contiguous is a little better because it means the states connected to each … More Done with Contiguous

A Salt Gun

Arriving into Arizona, I had the parents of a good friend eager for me to stay with them. This was delightful as I had spent some time with them before while I lived in Arizona and it would be good to reconnect, and for me to spend some time in a somewhat familiar city as … More A Salt Gun

Side Learning

Getting into Arkansas, my confidence in the pop in approach was growing. It was state 40, meaning I had met with 78 gym owners and 78 brewery owners already. I know one of the factors of influence is consensus, meaning that people follow other people (Influence by Cialdini). With such high numbers, it would be … More Side Learning