Side Learning

Getting into Arkansas, my confidence in the pop in approach was growing. It was state 40, meaning I had met with 78 gym owners and 78 brewery owners already. I know one of the factors of influence is consensus, meaning that people follow other people (Influence by Cialdini). With such high numbers, it would be … More Side Learning

NO Normal Here

Driving into Louisiana, I had a place to stay in New Orleans but wanted to hit more than just one city for the state. Another factor was the timing of the morning and my location and so I found some places to try my pop in approach. First up was CrossFit Chivalry a veteran owned … More NO Normal Here

Dude, Just Stop

Driving into Florida was a bit of a change because I had someone I knew I could stay with and it would be a blast. A buddy I used to work with in Hawaii had moved to Florida to work with the Houston Astros baseball team. In West Palm Beach, they have their training facilities … More Dude, Just Stop

Shop’s Open!

Helllllllo!!! As has been a bit of a theme as of late, I have been sporadic with the blog postings. I do think the reasoning is warranted though, although it could be debated depending on the perspective. I have been working hard on getting the LIFT N BREWS shop up and functioning! It has been … More Shop’s Open!