The Original Opener


A quest for creation lead to an idea to make a bottle opener. What about making an opener that represented a weight? Better yet, can it be high quality, in feel, look, and functionality? The flagship .55lbs opener is just that. Worked with a small business in Santee, California to design, and create the prototype took far more hours than one might anticpate, but such is the process when making something of high quality. The opener is made at 2 small businesses, the first using CNC machinery to precisely craft the opener and the second powder coating it to provide a great look and feel. The result is a solid, quality product that not only looks cool, opens beers like a beast.

Jeremy curling the steel used for the openers.
Machined opener prior to powder coating.
Powder coat testing prior to having the professionals take over.
The prototype worked! Idea becoming reality!



The opener!


For those looking for more information, Jeremy (the founder of Lift N Brews) worked with his brother a mechanical engineer on the design of the opener. Jeremy’s brother has designed many products ranging from something simple to full automation systems. This opener ended up being more difficult than first anticipated. Many hours went into the design, then machining plastic pieces for proof of concept. A prototype of steel was created and it was fine. Fine is not great. More work was needed. At first every “test” was on a full beer.

What a fun process! Drinking beer was part of work! There was an issue on the quality of opening function. We needed to discover what small changes would result in the best function. This required hundreds of opens and without that cash flow it made sense to simply buy caps and bottle empty bottles. We are proud of the resulting product and everyone that gets their hands on it lights up and says something along the lines of, “wow, this is cool.”


Finished product, this cool picture was taken by a friend in his home gym.